3 Important Pointers to Create the Perfect Mobile Friendly Website!

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The mobile revolution is truly here & it is a fact that Google has modified its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites more than regular websites.

This has caused a major shuffle in page rankings & sites that earlier used to perform very well in search engine rankings started lagging behind completely simply because their sites weren’t mobile-friendly. Looking at the rate at which cell phone use is growing in the past few years, mobile app development companies in Pune are now making sure that they provide their customers with a user-friendly experience.

As the name implies, mobile-friendly websites are sites designed, developed, and optimized for users on mobile devices.

Mobile phones and tablets come in many different sizes and resolutions, so there’s no one format that will display perfectly on every device. To solve this, organizations like I Knowledge factory, a leading website designing company in India are creating templates in a scaling format where they can quickly adjust to the device they’re displaying on. Now the question is, is it worth going through all the trouble to make a mobile-friendly website? In my experience as the CEO of a leading website development company in Pune, I will definitely say YES! Today in 2020, the percentage of users that are accessing the internet through some sort of mobile device is increasing consistently while the percentage of desktop users is heading in the opposite direction. Going by the numbers, you could be losing out on half or more of your potential visitors if you do not go for a mobile-friendly website.

I am Ashish Dalia & today we’ll be discussing some pointers on how you could make your website more mobile user friendly.

     1. Simplistic Designing

Most of the users browsing on their mobiles have a strong preference for simple & user-friendly website designs. Simple designs also make it easy to keep their attention on the content you want them to see, mobile users often have super short attention spans & tend to move on quickly and there’s definitely a point where keeping things simple can be more valuable than investing in elaborate, complex website design. This is where it is best to collaborate with the best in the business like IKF, a leading mobile app development company in Mumbai, where our experts ensure you get the best possible website customized for your cell phones & tablets.


      2. Optimize Image Size

When you’re dealing with mobile devices, the main aim is to create images that have the smallest possible file size while still looking neat and crisp on whatever screen it’s being viewed on. The bandwidths of mobile devices are much smaller compared to desktop’s and hence increase the loading time significantly. Shrinking the file sizes uses less of their data, helps load the page faster, and generally leads to a much more user-friendly experience.

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       3. Use Standard Fonts

Fortunately, most of today’s devices come with a wide variety of fonts pre-installed, and chances are you’ll be able to use these when designing your site. There’s one more thing to note, though – some fonts are easier to read at different sizes, so be sure you check the readability of your font before you’re done with your updates.

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