3 Signs Your Marketing Agency Can Be Lying To You

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When a company associates with a marketing agency, it involves a lot of expectations. Thus, agencies end up lying to the clients.
Some agencies get consumed with getting the work done and they never stop to consider if the work they’re providing is the best solution for their clients. They get so wrapped up in execution and “closing the deal” that they fail to focus on the target audience for their clients and the major factors like how to market on the web.
These are 3 signs your marketing agency can be lying to you3-signs-your-marketing-agency-can-be-lying-to-you
1. All is well
When according to them, all your campaigns are “performing well” and there is no scope of improvement. Agencies get less active sometimes and say that “from a media perspective” everything is performing good and is successful.
But the statistics they show you are that of ad spend, impressions and click through rates. This can often be considered great because the traffic is significant, but understanding the effectiveness of the traffic is more important. So you need to ask your agency how the traffic is impacting the conversion rates and how the conversion rates compare against other traffic sources. The agency might be just scratching the surface when it needs to dig deeper.
2. Best practice is the norm
Clients often execute what their agencies call the “best practice” idea.
This blanket term “best practice” lacks the required research and analysis to establish a legitimate recommendation.
Thus, the ideas are ineffective because they aren’t backed up by data. It’s frustrating to see agencies provide digital recommendations which does not have any data backup because, in the end, marketers have spend a huge amount to execute a program for their brand without ever having received a performance report.
3. Promise to make it Viral and holding web analytics hostage
Viral isn’t a planned phenomenon but it’s mostly accidental. There isn’t a definite algorithm that makes something go viral. So they’re probably lying when they say this. There are various elements that many “viral” campaigns have in common: They are often user-generated content, subtle and funny.
When working with an agency on any content marketing or social media marketing campaign that you want to resonate with your target audience, always stick to your brand’s core values. Find relevant ways for connecting with your customers and make it entertaining. If you offer your audience the best — and make it fun — the possibility for people to share will increase significantly.
Also, agency employees who are familiar with analytics interfaces will regularly set up a web analytics account for their clients. But when a client changes agency they are often left to the no administrative control of the account.
Lying in this case often means hiding the truth and using deceptive practices that are not in the interests of the clients. Businesses spend large parts of their budgets on agencies to gain expertise and experience. In case of any doubt, ask the agency for data to prove that you’re performing well and if your questions aren’t answered than it is time to severe the ties.