3 Tips to Transform Your Business Digitally

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Change is inevitable. Yes, there is a wave of disturbance nowadays. New technology is emerging every second. But have you ever wondered how far we have come? Was it the need, or was it the want? Anyway, the business has been modified with transformation and the drive to create something new. This is nothing but a very prominent ‘Digital Transformation’.

The manufacturing industry is a huge industry with large multinational companies as well as smaller manufacturers. The industry is diverse and is moving at a great speed. With the rise of the all-important digital transformation, the industry has started recognizing its capabilities and working towards the impact it is inflicting upon the consumer’s lives by making them stress-free and painless. The manufacturing companies are using digitalized technologies to move from mass production to customized production. Digital transformation advances a technological change that acts as a bridge between the customers and business. The transformation brings immense opportunities to connect with the audience, penetrate even the niche segment, add to the economy, and embrace technologies across the globe

Hi, I’m Ashish Dalia & as the CEO of a leading digital marketing agency in India called I Knowledge Factory, we as a company have helped a large number of clients transform themselves digitally. I’m going to help you explore how a manufacturing industry can determine if they are ready for digital transformation.

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    1. Being Technology Ready

The major aspect of moving towards transformation is to look at if you are ready to adapt to the latest technological advancements. Technology including Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, the IoT, Cloud Computing, and Human-Machine Interfaces builds a strong base to get going with the transformation in the industry.

        2. Know your Target Audience

Decided to transform into digital is one thing, but what is essential to understand here is whom you are targeting, your audience! You might love transformation, but it could not hold true to your business. The goal here should be to conjoin your business vision with clients’ needs & liking. The customers today do not entertain one product for every need. With the transformation in place, consumers are connected to the industry via social networks, customer interactions, and data analytics.

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       3. Strong Leadership

Digital transformation starts with a change in technology, business models, and processes. We see, hear, and experience Digital Transformation in our everyday lives – both at home and work., the power to celebrate digital transformation lies in the minds of intelligent leadership. To bring the transformation in place, the leadership should possess a clear strategy, understand the path for achieving growth, and have the people and technologies in place to support digitization to embark on an epic journey.

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