A Good Domain Name Does Wonders for Your Business Website

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Some five years ago, I struggled to run my personal blog on the web; then, I hardly knew the acute algorithm that is involved in creating your own domain name on the World Wide Web. It is massive and so accurate that laymen like us, might keep on reckoning it.


So, in the process, I have kind of figured out what domain name is all about and why a company, that is digitally active, needs to have an appropriate domain name and extension for its website. Let us get set with the basics first.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an identification thread that defines the periphery of authority and control over the web or simply, it is a human legible web address on the internet.

The domain name is formed according to the guidelines set by the Domain Name System (DNS). It is like a contact book of any network, consisting of countless number of domain names. Purely speaking, if you are searching anything on the network, you are passing through the DNS.

In the absence of this system, it would have been a scrupulous task for us to remember the IP addresses of any server. For instance, you would have had to remember instead of www.ikf.co.in. In a way, the domain name plays proxy to the IP address. Thus, this brings us to the next question of how it works for your website.

Where to use the domain name for?

  • The domain name is used for remaining exclusive to your clients, friends, and family. You can establish a unique web identity for all those who care to know what’s happening in your company. Or what exactly you mean by your name?
  • It is popular knowledge that the nearer or precise your domain name is to the cause of your organization or service of the company, it serves the purpose of a trouble-free scouting. For e.g. ndtv.com, infosys.com or tata.co.in etc.
  • A defined domain name helps your website to appear in popular search engines.

How to choose a domain name?

Choosing a domain name can either be easy or a cumbersome process at times. Plainly, the domain name is divided into two parts. The first part, also known as TLD (Top Level Domain) comprises your business interest/social cause and the second half is the extension that corresponds to the purpose of your site.

  • The First Part
    Business interest could be the services you provide like, marketing, e-selling, after sales etc. For instance, an   entertainment news company should have a name like- entertainment, bollywood life or cinema etc. Remember, selecting a domain name NOT MATCHING your company name, won’t benefit your brand at all!
  • The Second Part
    For the second part, if you are a commercial go for .com, .biz or the domain of the country that your enterprise intends to serve.

Vital Tips

Hyphens should be avoided as they detract from creditability and act as a spam indicator.


Uncommon top level domains should be avoided for the best ranking results. There are other spam indicators like .info, .cc, .ws and .name.


Domain names longer than 15 characters should be avoided. Short domain names should be used as they are easy to share and remember and have a little chance of resulting in typos.

  • .com would represent “commercial”, and is the most widely used extension. Businesses prefer this as it is one of the most highly recognized symbol for having a business presence over the internet.
  • .net represents “network”, and is commonly used by the ISP. Web-hosting companies or some other business are directly involved in the infrastructure of Internet. It is also used as an extension for the intranet websites.
  • .org represents the “organization” and is popularly used by the non-profits group or trade associations.
  • .biz is used by small business websites.
  • .info is a credible resource that signifies a “resource” website and is also one of the popular extensions other than .com, .net and .org

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