A Lot Happened Over a Coffee at BNI

5 min read

I want to share an elevating experience today as I took along my I Knowledge Factory core team to Business Networking International (BNI), Prosperity chapter Pune East meeting today morning for the very first time. Here my core team members got up early and readied themselves for the BNI meet. They were anxious about the whole BNI culture and were curious to know about this place where I go every Tuesday Morning.

Before we plunge into what my team members have to say about BNI, let me introduce you a little more to BNI. BNI stands for Business Network International. It is a business referral organization whose primary objective is to assist its members to find and exchange qualified business referrals for each other.

Here on, this is what my team at I Knowledge Factory actually felt at their first BNI meet up on 27th March 2018

Gunjan Bhansali, – HR Head
– Thank you for the opportunity, Sir. It was a learning experience for me to be present at the BNI meet today. Here are a few observations:

  • The “business people vibe” was extraordinary.
  • There was a lot of discipline among the members regarding punctuality, the way they presented themselves etc.
  • BNI is a diverse group of individuals and businesses that looked like one big family.
Yogesh Jaju, CTO
This has been my second visit to BNI and I remember after my first BNI visit, I had come all charged up to take on my tasks at the office. What I admire about BNI is:

  • BNI has a cohesive and driven environment which propels one to achieve higher goals.
  • Members give tremendous respect to each other
  • And members don’t mind opening up their card for the benefit of the other member.
  • There is absolutely no non-sense here and it’s a purely business and referral organisation.
anirudh Aniruddha Bhosale, Business Analyst
It was great to see so many positive businessmen under one roof.

  • I generally interact with the clients who are entrepreneurs but today understood their real urge to do the business, as they presented themselves in a very innovative way and followed a strict regime of time and format set at the chapter level.
  • What motivated me the most was even the senior-most (above 60 years of age) members attended the meets regularly to keep themselves updated. There’s a lot for me to learn especially the service I cater to client servicing.
  • I loved the Gratitude and givers attitude at meet today.
Ritu Dalia, Chief Happiness Officer
I really admire the enthusiasm ingrained in the culture of BNI.

  • I kept wondering how Ashish is so consistent about these meetings. The known thing about him is he’s been consistently inconsistent about things. But now I know where this energy comes from.
  • Networking pre and post meeting really amazed me where members were really patient enough to meetup new visitors without any hassle.
poonam Poonam Salian – Customer Relationship Manager

  • I am a regular at BNI, so really connect with the business networking that takes place there.
  • I request all the BNI members to get along their colleagues or team members and introduce them to this amazing level of energy and positivity of quality professionals.
  • I have the opportunity to get an insight into our fellow members and how coming together as a family has helped us grow and achieve a common goal.

Attending the BNI meeting with my team mates and bosses made me realise how hard the management strives to enhance our knowledge about the sales and networking field.

Aditya Mankar, Account Manager
I really appreciate the structured and supportive system of receiving and giving a business at BNI.

  • It is a unique platform and opportunity for other ‘like-minded’ businessmen and entrepreneurs to share their quality referrals by word of mouth techniques.
  • The whole professional vibe is quite a kick-starter for young minds to show their potential, receive appreciation/criticism and take on the business to the next level.


I have always believed in the true essence of teamwork and I take pride in my team members for featuring themselves so professionally at the BNI meet today. No doubt, we are together going to build a successful team for IKF.