Take Advantage of Amazon Ads to boost your E-commerce Business

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If you are an ecommerce company you surely can’t ignore the potential of Amazon’s reach. It is an ecommerce landscape all on its own which serves as the focal point of majority of the shopper’s searches. For a small or even a medium sized ecommerce company it can be tough to stand out and compete with the top brands for traffic and customer share on this popular platform. But with well-executed Amazon strategy you can nail it.

Working as Amazon PPC management company in India, we understand your anxiousness when deciding to get a head start in this mammoth advertising arena. That’s where we come in. IKF has a very talented and smart PPC team that will help you scale your ecommerce business. Using our experience in the different advertising forms of Amazon, we canmake your products and brands visible to Amazon shoppers who may convert into your loyal customers.


Here are some of the highlights that will show you how we can help you with your Amazon campaigns.

Sponsored brands:

Sponsored brands are ads that show your brand logo and helpin the discovery of your brand to the prospective customers. When shoppers click on the ad they are either taken to a custom landing page, store, or particular product listing. As a reputed Amazon PPC Management Companyin Mumbai, we can bring your brand in the forefront of your client by getting your brand logo and tagline appear with products that buyers are already searching for. This will improve your brand visibility and connect you with your potential clients.

Amazon display ads:

You don't need to sell your products on Amazon to buy display ads. Customers can see the display ads on Amazon website and apps.Unlike Sponsored Ads, which are exclusively designed to target the customers for specific search terms or keywords, Amazon Product Display Ads aim mainly on shopper’s interest or specific products. As professionals handling Amazon ads, we can help create professional, engaging, captivating display ads for your products and brand that will show in the Amazon advertising network, and will appear on relevant websites or on Amazon devices.

Amazon Video Ads:

Conveying your brand message without-stream auto play video could be an engaging experience for your consumers and a rewarding one for you. It empowers you to display your message or demo your products/services to the relevant audiences who might be interested in your offerings. So, do you have a high-quality video contentthat you would like to show to your prospective consumers? Well, it sounds great! But do you know that you tend to fetch better deals if your ads are optimized for the Amazon landscape. When you take experts onboard, it will ensure your ads don’t miss out your client’s attention. For sound video campaign that can bring in desired results, relying on experts insights is a good proposition. We are a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that has been exploring all kinds of marketing tools and tactics that have the potential to impact your business. We can help you with this too.

Amazon DSP:

Earlier known as Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP), Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) serves as the interface that allows you to manage all aspects of your Amazon PPC campaigns from one central point. Whether video ads, display ads, or more, you can analyze and optimize your campaigns though the Amazon DSP hub. If you are not confident about optimizingand managing your PPC campaigns, seek expert opinion. Fine-tuning minute details can contribute in making your Amazon campaigns run more smoothly than ever.

Be it building well-structured campaigns, creating compelling and relevant ad copies or bidding for right keywords and managing your PPC campaigns, IKF, offering top PPC services in India can provide you the best of all. No matter how cluttered the marketplace seems, no matter how intense is the competition, with our well-drawn and informed Amazon advertising strategy you stand to gain.

There is lot to explore and discover in the world of Amazon advertising, and the platform is likely to grow its scope of tools for its users. If you want to tie up with the right partner to make your business journey a smoother and progressive one, we are just a click away! You can reach us on +91 88888 66110 or sales@ikf.co.in