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B2B – Social Media to Social Business

The entire concept of a family revolves around how all the members of the family mingle & bond with each other through all walks of life, like during happiness or sorrow, joy or grief, humor or any serious matters. Imagine how difficult it becomes when someone avoids sharing or responding each other’s feelings?

All the above mentioned touch points are the ones which any business can also go through as they also have their own moments of happiness, achievements, joy, grief, victory and on and on. The more it connects with its customers on all fronts the more is its adaptation. Mentioned below are some avenues where social adaptations have revolutionized in B2B businesses.

“Informal bonding is always stronger than the formal one”

“To conclude, let’s accept the fact that relations which are bit informal are with those to whom we love, and there is no second thought that we all love our customers, isn’t that right?”