How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Channel for Your Business

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digital-marketing-channelsDigital marketing is continuously changing. It is essential for success of several businesses. As it is cost-effective to leverage with marketing campaigns, it is advantageous for small & medium enterprises as well as established businesses. Rising number of customers also connect daily with social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thus, smart businesses are finding ways to build their brand and customer engagement online. The article explains some of the digital marketing channels in brief and also guides on how to choose the best digital marketing channel for a business.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
To get any information about a service, product or brand online, almost every individual uses search engines. According to a study, approximately 59% of the users find a local business to satisfy a particular need every month. SEO consists of a number of activities such as linkable assets creation, keyword analysis, organic link building, etc.
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
As the name suggests, Pay-Per-Click advertising is a paid advertising channel that is useful for targeting potential clients within a short period of time. This method is driven by how much you are ready to pay for gaining one customer and how much you are prepared to invest in bidding and placing ads. Choice of proper keywords and contextual as well as visual information in ads are factors that decide the effectiveness of PPC ads.
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social Media Marketing (SMM) helps digital marketers to reach out to potential and existing customers directly and promote person-to-person engagement. According to a study, it is expected that a majority of digital marketers and businesses are planning to increase their SMM budget this year.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is said to be among the most successful digital marketing channels that can give a huge ROI. A lot of businesses use email marketing, and around 66% of businesses rate it as an excellent tool for getting ROI.
How to Choose?
Once, you have read about different channels, the question is how to choose the best online marketing channel among them? Here are 3 pointers that would help a business choose an ideal marketing channel for their target audience:

  1. What are your primary goals?

You need to decide your goal for using digital marketing channels.

  • Driving traffic
  • Educating prospective customers
  • Sales generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  1. What is your allocated budget?

You need to understand the budget allocated for running digital marketing campaigns. For this, you need to answer following questions:

  • What would be the fees for digital marketing staff and manager?
  • What would be the budget for paid advertising?
  • How much budget is allocated for the payment of content creation services?
  • What are the fees for videographers, photographers and graphic artists?
  1. Do you have necessary resources?

Running an online marketing campaigns require resources with certain level of knowledge as well as skills on various aspects such as:

  • Social media
  • Search marketing
  • Content & graphics creation
  • Web development

Each of these channels have their efficacy and ineffectiveness, along with their strengths and weakness. An ideal way would be to combine these tools and channels and making use of what they have to present that will enable a business reach its marketing objectives.
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