Steps to Build Best LinkedIn Profile

4 min read

We cannot stress enough about having a profile on LinkedIn. It’s the need of the hour to have a best LinkedIn profile, whether you are a student or a working professional; you have to be on LinkedIn. Period. Why? LinkedIn opens doors for opportunities for you. It gets your professional network growing multi-folds which ultimately would increase your net worth. It takes little efforts on your end to build the best LinkedIn profile. Let’s see the steps today:


1. Write a crisp and concise summary

The summary acts as a sales pitch for you as a professional to your potential clients/recruiters. Remember to pick your audience (whether you are looking for a job/clients) and write a summary that would appeal to them. Keep it unique and to the point.

2. Upload a professional profile picture

LinkedIn is a professional platform. Choose a headshot which showcases you and not your pets, kids, neighbors or your skills at the gym! The person looking at your profile should believe you are trustworthy and dependable. And a smile never goes unnoticed, so remember to look pleasant and smile.

3. Add educational details

Your educational details, certifications (if any) give a brief history of your educational background to your visitors/recruiters. You win half the battle if the recruiters know you fit the criteria for a particular job. Nobody likes to spend time digging for details anyway!

4. Add all professional skills and work experience details

This is the most significant section of your LinkedIn profile. Trust us; it’ll make or break your career! Write the correct and honest information about your work experience with previous companies. Use bullet points to describe skills and professional responsibilities – do not and we mean – DO NOT write about your professional responsibilities as an essay! And if you are a student/fresher, highlight your skills.

5. Use visuals

Don’t stick to just text; the best LinkedIn profile is a mix of both visuals and text. You can add videos, infographics, and images to your LinkedIn profile for a powerful impact on your visitors/recruiters. Have designs, illustration projects, language skills, public speaking skills. Go all out with visuals and strike a chord with your audience in seconds.

6. Network through LinkedIn groups

There are millions of groups on LinkedIn for finding the right network of people with similar interests. Use these groups to their fullest potential. Take an active part in discussions, be regular and respect other people’s point of view, offer your expertise. You are sure to get noticed by the right people, and your chances for a job/client would hit their mark.

7. Use attention-grabbing industry-specific keywords

Everybody knows that the internet has everything dependent on keywords. That’s how we find the information we want. And LinkedIn is a professional search platform which uses keywords too. That’s how your profile pops up in the list of recruiters, so use keywords throughout your profile. (Bonus tip for keyword research: Take a look at your mentors, seniors, idols in your industry background. Pick out industry-specific keywords and add them to your summary and professional experience sections.)

8. Ask for recommendations

Let your peers showcase your skills through recommendations. A previous employer/peer talking about your professionalism, technical and interpersonal skills would definitely earn you some brownie points. These recommendations set a tone of assurance and confidence for visitors/recruiters to consider you for a job. So always ask for recommendations and offer to give recommendations as well.

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