Best Website Practices For Lead Generation

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“Let the design be so good that they cannot ignore you”.

Yes, that’s so very true, it’s the design that would do the talking for you. A design can actually be an online soul for the company.

What do you mean by a lead generating website?

A lead generating website is a kind of a valuable tool which helps in generating the online lead by converting an oriented strategy at the right time when the visitor visits your landing pages.


The lead generating websites have a small area i.e a contact form which indicates the visitor to fill in their details so that they can know more about the product, services and get notified about various offers.

 Some of the components that are required for converting a visitor to a lead are:

  • A CTA Button is where your lead generation will start and your visitors will reach the landing page.
  • A Landing Page is a page that is designed according to your product or services for persuading the visitors to provide with their contact details.
  • The content for the Landing Page should be such that it suits your business needs.
  • A Thank You page for the visitor to provide with the information.

How would you check if your website is generating leads or not?

  1. Keep a check on the goal settings in Google Analytics
  2. Keep a check on the web pages for taking proper action for guiding the visitors.
  3. Are form tools used automatically to pull the submissions from the forms and place them in the contact database?
  4. By creating well customized landing pages for every campaign that you run.
  5. See that the blogs being posted are used for generating leads?

If all these requisitions are intact, then you can say that the website is well prepared for lead generations.

What would you require for creating a website for generating leads?

  1. Using lead generation forms for visitors to get their information

These forms are used for taking in the information of the visitor who is visiting your website. They would voluntarily share their information with you. This page can be put on anywhere like landing page.

  1. Using form tools for collecting and tracking the submission of the lead generation forms.

After creating the lead generating form you even need to track the information that you have collected from the various visitors. The form tools automatically capture the data and store it into the database.

  1. Using powerful call to action on your webpage’s

This technique is used for persuading the audience to take some action and it is your responsibility to guide them to the right closing places. The call to actions should be very convincing such that your home page can be converted into a lead generating machine.

  1. Using appropriate landing pages with a content suiting your needs

Landing pages are the ones that are of importance for generating and converting the leads which are profitable for the business. These pages are known as the center of all lead generation efforts. The content should be such that would be representing your business needs. The content on this page will also help in SEO.

  1. Designing the form accurately

There always that confusion as to a pop up should be used or not, but yes they should be used to enhance the visitors positive experience. The language used should be actionable but their appearance should look natural. Select the place over the web page appropriately.

  1. Responsive and target oriented design

The design should be such that the visitors could be guided for taking some actions which would ensure in some generations. An interactive and well responsive website is what is needed. The CTA placements should be done very sensibly by using the right font size, color etc.

  1. Posting blogs

Blogs provide the audience with different information and that too in a personalized way. These views will help the audiences to decide whether they should rely upon the company’s products and services.

  1. Customer testimonial and social media act as a proof of trust

Before relying on any company the audience does its research. They check their online presence. This would include their customer testimonials, activeness on social media. Once they are satisfied with this they would believe in your brand.

You need to be very patient for generating leads. It’s all about selling but you cannot sell anyone anything forcefully. If everything falls into place your leads can be generated fast and will lead top conversions. Need a website for generating leads and turning them into conversions? Connect with us at or call us anytime with your queries on +91-888 886 6110.

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