Chat Bots are a Great Back-Up for Service and Marketing

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Chat bots are in reality computer programmes that are made to mimic conversation of real people. They can transform and improve how a company serves you at any time of the day or night. As a result of which companies can make a name for themselves with regard to great customer service and interaction.

Currently chat bots have become highly sophisticated with the use of modern artificial intelligence. As a matter of fact, chat bots are so advanced that one can no longer distinguish it from a real person. They can be programmed to respond to specific queries of the customer. The appeal of chat bots comes from their ability to do different kinds of things within the spheres of customer service, marketing, customer integration and many other top of the line marketing and advertising initiatives.


Keep track of customer preferences:

Be it purchasing patterns or monitoring data, chat bots are so versatile that they can be utilized to perform a wide range of tasks. This tells a company which product to market more, which to redevelop for re-launch and which to market differently. Apart from the usual monitoring and conversing, chat bots can also be directed to use rebuttals and upselling procedures to encourage customers to try new products.

Natural communication:

A chat bot must be able to replicate the natural responses of a real person. They should be able to offer solutions and offer the right products. This makes the company efficient and responsible in the eyes of the consumer.

Converting data to personalized advertisements:

A chat bot must be able to distinguish a person’s first name from the introduction itself. A customer must be addressed with his or her first name throughout the session. It would also make sense for the chat bot to request the customer to hold for a moment so that he researches a subject to provide a solution. During this time, a personalized advertisement can run to sell a new product or service. This strategy will work better when the customer’s preferences and chat histories are kept in mind.

One-stop shopping potential:

A chat bot that is activated by a voice or keyword can assist the customer to create an all-inclusive shopping experience. Chat bot technology has evolved with time and now users can receive an immediate response to an immediate query. If it so happens that the product or service in question is not sufficient, the chat bot can suggest an alternative that is better for the customer.

More brand availability:

When the brand is available anytime, the customer experience and satisfaction levels are higher. Which leads to higher ratings, more word-of-mouth suggestions and social media traction.

Companies that use chat bots as backups to online representation by a real person will fare better in marketing new products and upsell customers.

The innovative Chat bot called bot-ler from Pepsi:

Let’s take a look at the innovative chat bot that soft drink major Pepsi had specially created for an event in Dubai.


They showcased a new Facebook Messenger chat bot called bot-ler that gave users the convenience of ordering beverages from their mobile. The chat bot would then inform them when their order was ready to be picked up.

All that users needed to do was locate a Pepsi Messenger code on Pepsi signs placed across the event or they could also search for the chat bot on Facebook Messenger app. Once they had it, they could then start a conversation with the chat bot to place their drinks order.

The innovation here was how the back-end ordering system integrated with the front-end bot interface.

Though this chat bot was created for a specific event, brands could take queues from this to increase their engagement and efficiency. A good web development or branding agency  can always help you develop such chat bots.