Different Types of Brand Logos & How to Select the Right Logo for Your Company

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Ideally, every brand wants its logo to be the perfect representation of their profession. Nowadays, it has become imperative to have a catchy logo with excellent recall value as it enriches your brand identity. It is important to choose a logo which represents your values the best. To make this decision, it is important for the brand to know about the different types of logo styles in the market.

Logos are basically the representatives of the brand and you need them to make maximum impact. A great logo increases the brand recall value considerably. As the owner of one of the leading website development companies in Pune called I Knowledge Factory (IKF), I can definitely tell you with some authority that the better your logo, the more interest your company generates.

Hey guys, this is Ashish Dalia. Let us look at the different logos you can use for your company or product.

1. Letter Mark Logos

Letter mark logos also known as Monogram Logos consist of only initials of the brand or plain alphabets. Monogram logos are very common in the entertainment sector. A few examples of monogram logos are HBO (Home Box Office), HP (Hewlett Packard), CNN (Cable News Network), WB (Warner Brothers) etc.

2. Wordmark Logo

Wordmark logos are the ones consisting of letters only. These are generally singular letters. The best examples of wordmark logos are Google, Netflix, Facebook etc. Wordmarks are simple, clear logos which enjoy a high recall value.

3. Pictorial Logo

Pictorial logo is a word that speaks for itself. These logos consist of only graphical images which represent the brand. The best example of this logo is Apple. These logos are generally simple in nature but there’s a great deal of thought which goes into designing them.

4. Abstract Mark Logos

Abstract Mark Logos are highly thought out, complex logos which are generally meant for a niche audience. They convey something indirectly about the brand. Examples of Abstract Mark logos are Microsoft, Nike, Airbnb etc. Since abstract logos are conceptual, they require a high amount of creativity.

5. Emblem Logo

As per the name, emblem logos consist of badges or seals. Most of the time these logos consist of emblems with alphabets embedded inside. As these are complex designs, they are generally meant for brands who are popular enough for people to automatically recognize the logo. The best example of an emblem logo is Starbuck coffee.

6. Mascots Logotype

These are the most popular types of logos you’ll see a lot of in different brands. These logos are basically of a brand mascot of the particular brand. Most of them are animated or cartoonish in nature. Examples of mascot logos are KFC, Pillsbury etc.

7. Combination Mark Logo

As per the name, combination logos combine a symbol and some letters. These are probably the most widely used of all logo types. Brands like Nestle, Taco Bell, Lacoste and Burger King are great examples of this logo type.

In conclusion, your Logo should represent the personality of your company or product & should make a lasting impression on the customer. It is recommended that you hire a competent digital marketing agency in Pune to design your brand logo.

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