Changing Mindset of Digital Marketers Post Unlock 2.0

digital marketing company in Mumbai for Marketing during unlock 2.0

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a highly conducive environment for digital marketing to thrive across industries. But more importantly, it has led to a fundamental shift in the mindset of marketers, as to how they used to approach things before the pandemic and how things are being approached now. As a leading digital marketing company in Mumbai, we have noticed a difference in the inclinations of our clients towards various digital marketing services we offer.

Various fundamental aspects have been analysed from multiple standpoints, such as budgets used, priority assigned and resources invested. It turns out, digital marketing is now garnering a lot of attention from all kinds of marketers and is fast becoming the primary marketing channel for most products and services.

digital marketing strategies during unlock 2.0.

Let’s discuss a few aspects that are being approached differently;

1. Content Marketing:

Every brand is now more dependent than ever on content marketing, in order to revive their brand image or create a friendlier presence. Content is no longer a supplementary channel for brands to boost their image or create a 360-degree messaging… it has become a primary channel for engaging with audiences, educating them and fostering thought-leadership ideas amongst target customers. Being an SEO company in India, we always offer content marketing as a specialized service, rather than an add-on in our SEO package.

2. Messaging:

The messaging created by brands has become more sensitive in regards to the situation we are dealing with. From encouraging best WFH/Remote work practices to creating awareness on social distancing, sensitivity has become an integral part of the messaging. This is a time where big brands are steering away from all typical (salesy) marketing campaigns and focusing on a messaging that brings greater good.

For example: KFC had prepared a new ‘FingerLickinGood’ ad at the start of March this year. This obviously didn’t go well with people and KFC cancelled its airing immediately. Brands like McDonalds on the other hand, did something witty with their logo; they created a gap between the 2 golden arches in their logo [the big ‘M’], brilliantly promoting social distancing.

People are very sensitive to what brands say these days. They love it when brands take the moral high ground and avoid boasting about their products. When big brands take such powerful initiatives in public interest, it becomes a benchmark for other advertisers

3. Budget:

After a research conducted by Conductor in 2018, it was found that over 68% of the 250+ marketing leaders would like to have their digital marketing budgets increased. Along with that, digital marketing has become go-to channel for marketers in the lockdown period. This tells us that digital marketing is not only a need of the hour, but it will also be overtaking traditional marketing channels in the post-pandemic future.

4. Paid marketing:

PPC ads or paid ads have always been known for producing instant results for marketers. It is the most effective channel to engage with target customers and get instant traffic, but its only used in certain circumstances. As a leading PPC company in India, we have witnessed a dramatic surge in the use of our PPC services, especially with our new clients. Marketers want paid marketing to become their primary means for digital branding, as they don’t want to waste time in organic marketing for capturing the market in the post-pandemic era. Paid marketing will now become one of the most sought-after marketing practices, at least for the foreseeable future.

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