Digital Marketing for Restaurants: Need of the Hour

Electronic channels, positive comments and feedback about a company/product attract new clients and help in building enduring relationship. But, these comments & feedback can also drive customers away from a company. A happy and satisfied customer helps a business to grow, whereas an unhappy client can harm a business in a serious way. Digital marketing is creating a buzz for your business. Digital marketing comprises of strategies that are designed to engage customers and propel brand conversation on a number of digital channels.

Even if a restaurant has the most fascinating physical location, customers might never visit if its website can’t be found online, which causes losing of many prospective customers. Nowadays, people search for information about restaurants online. The old technique of referring to an address or phone number is out-dated. For example, if a customer types a keyword related to your restaurant or the special cuisine you offer, does that mean your restaurant’s website appear in the top 5 places of Google search results? Perhaps it may or may not! In today’s world, if a customer is looking to find your restaurant and it is not found in the digital world, then you are losing out on a lot of business.

As said by AIS Media, 89% of customers research restaurants online prior to visiting. According to the analysis presented by Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, it is observed that around 50% of the total respondents acknowledged of making restaurant reservations online, while about 40% of them used restaurant’s website for reservation. In other words, a restaurant website, along with its online presence and subsequent digital marketing efforts has become the key point of contact with prospective diners. In spite of this, a number of restaurateurs who spend a lot of money on furnishings and décor become cost-conscious when it comes to creating a restaurant website. As online reservations and total restaurant sales continue to amplify every year, it is very crucial for a restaurant to create a user-friendly and optimized desktop as well as mobile website. Once the website is ready and live, it is important to market it properly.

As prospective customers interact with various devices (tablet devices, mobile phones, desktop computer, etc.) and channels on a regular basis, making use of all available digital marketing tools is recommended, which will give great results. With a strong online presence on these channels, a potential diner will have a greater chance of finding the restaurant and visit it.

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Shraddha Gaikwad

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