How Digital Marketing is Revolutionizing Global Healthcare Industry?

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The emergence of healthcare in India

The breakup of the joint family system has paved the way for healthcare taking prominence for the elderly in India. Rising income of the middle-class, increasing health awareness, lifestyle diseases rearing their ugly heads, and access to health and life insurance are the major contributors towards healthcare in India. All of these factors, hand in hand with the wide proliferation of digital marketing has empowered the healthcare industry to do much more than ever before.


Growing connection with the digital patient

With the ever increasing awareness of the medical medium, consumers today, unlike those of yesterday do their own homework when it comes to healthcare. Collaboration between the doctor and the patient is now every stronger than before.

A better grasp of disease, diagnosis and treatment

The internet age has proved to be an enabler for the masses. Finding a world of information at their fingertips, the common man has become pro-active, gathering data and studying it before coming to any decision.

Searching Doctors/Hospitals

All over the country, a growing number of people are searching the web for doctors. Popular platforms like Practo and Medindia are facilitating online search across parameters.

Taking appointments

With access to a moderately priced internet, waiting in a queue at a doctor’s clinic will soon be history.

Online clinics will fast become a reality

Instant online preliminary medical attention and consultation is coming up in a big way – irrespective of the patient’s location.

Online booking of nurses and caretakers

The proliferation of the nuclear family system in India had added to the need for paid homecare to monitor the health of the elderly.

Optimizing digital marketing for Healthcare

Healthcare industry professionals, including doctors have this urgent need to enhance visibility in the face of growing competition and create brand recall and differentiation in the target audience’s mind. It has thus become essential for them to harness the power of digital by hiring the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai in the region. An agency that can help them deploy modern digital marketing tools to gain patient leads, build brand visibility, maintain both online and offline reputation by keeping in regular touch with the patient base in a cost effective manner.

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