5 Digital Marketing Tips to Use for the Post Covid-19 Future

Marketing tips during lockdown

As we coursed through the COVID-19 Pandemic, it became more and more evident that digital marketing is indeed the way forward for most industries. As a leading digital marketing company in India, we believe the lockdown gave businesses ample time to introspect on their marketing requirements, and realize the potential of going digital to fulfil all marketing goals in a more efficient and a cost-effective way.

That being said, using digital marketing will also not be the same… at least for a few months post the lockdown. The lockdown has drastically influenced consumer behavior, leading to a shift in priorities as well. All this needs to be taken into serious consideration as this will affect digital strategies at every point. From search patterns to campaign design, the Post-Corona digital marketing landscape will require marketers to re-think all aspects of it, in order to generate quality leads.

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5 digital marketing tips to use for the post-Covid-19 future;

1. Follow Data:

Use COVID-19 lockdown data to drive all marketing campaigns. Study search patterns and traffic volumes that was generated during the lockdown period using Google analytics, to understand what people were most interested in during that time. Also, you can use that data to find out how different people searched for certain things and where most of the traffic came from (emails, social media sites or search engines). As PPC management company India, we highly recommend this as it will help you customize your ad campaigns for various audience-sets.

2. Remarketing (Re-targeting):

The number social media users surged up during the lockdown as everyone realized the potential for staying connected as a society, without even physically interacting. This brings a lot of potential customers on social media. Re-targeting website visitors or landing page visitors on social media would be highly advantageous as it would help you generate leads faster. This is a core part of our social media marketing services in India.

3. Keyword Strategy:

Strategize your keywords using a more specific approach, by studying the search patterns and keywords used during the lockdown period. This will enable you to plan your keywords more accurately as it will help in curating the right negative keywords, LSI Keywords, specific keywords and generic keywords.

4. Copy & Extensions:

Most customers will be looking for basic solutions with no extra offers. Make sure your ad copies are extremely relevant to the searches and contain no extra information that could deter them. Keep it straightforward and relevant to the time. Along with that, you can optimize your Google search extensions and make them more direct, like “Free consultation today” or “Discounted package for your business”, so that your CTR increases.

5. Device Strategy:

The lifestyle imposed by COVID-19 taught us how to fully harness the potential of mobile devices. People now understand that anything from mails, chats and browsing can be done on mobile devices too. That means there will be a lot of searches coming from mobile devices in the post-corona period. So, a mobile-first campaign for SEO and social media would be highly beneficial. You can also create a mobile-first website business for visitors

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