“When did you last do something you have never done before” a talk by Mr. Nitin Nyati

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Business is just another adventure

The repute of MIG, Pune ( Mahesh Industrial Group, Pune) is reaching its peak year on year. I am fortunate to be surrounded with an elite class MIG Members. Our new board for 2018-19 is in place under the leadership of Sh.Rahul Dhoot. MIG Board impressed me with the very first MIG talk program arranged by them called #MIGTalks, Inspiring Thought Leadership. The best part of this session was it was the first session of the newly elected board under the banner of #MIGTalks and coincidentally it comes as the first learning session of the running financial year. I was very fortunate to hear the success, adventure and philosophical experiences by none other than Mr. Nitin Nyati, CMD of Nyati group. I would like to share some quick highlight about my understanding of yesterdays program.

  1. He started by asking When did you last do something you have never done before? It got me thinking about when was the last time I did it? I have now taken the ownership of doing something like this at least once in a month, such as cycling long distances, yoga, meditation or taking kids out on a night trek etc.
  2. Second thing he said was, ‘In order to be focused on your business you need to learn the art of defocusing. The only way you can focus is when you defocus for a while. So, learn the art of defocusing to focus. Sometimes you have to disconnect from current business and phases of life to look at the same from altogether with different perspective
  3. Then he explained the ‘Iceberg philosophy’.The iceberg that you see is just 20% and what is deep inside the water is 80%. Same is the case with us as humans. What we try to learn a lot that is outside, but less time is given for self-introspection. I was surprised to learn that Mr. Nitin Nyati does not speak for one day in a month and goes out for pilgrimage or adventure camps at various occasions. He says when he gets back, he feels a sense of power, focus and determination at all-time high.
  4. ‘Delegation is the way to grow’. He says, if you find someone in your organization who are even 70% as efficient as you, you should delegate your work to them. This way you can move towards something higher or bigger in your life.
  5. ‘Is your limitation imaginary or real?’ Rahul Dhoot asked Mr. Nyati a question that ‘Sometimes we feel that we are stuck at one level in our business and we are unable to grow. We feel like we have touched the ceiling and growth beyond looks difficult. What do we do then?’. Mr. Nyati gave a fantastic response ‘Is the ceiling imaginary or is it glass? The best way to deal with this is to appoint a soft board who cannot see this ceiling and have already overcome such challenges. They will guide you in the right direction. So you need to have such soft boards to throw some light on how to break free of this imaginary ceiling.
  6. SulekhaNyati equally complemented the thought processes of Mr. Nyati. When she was asked about the upbringing of the kids, she was candid in her response and she said ‘my way of upbringing was a very middle class which are excellent’. She said the next generation of Nyati family too have been imbibed with similar kind of values.
  7. He shared his experience of his visit to Manasarovar withJaggi Vasudev commonly known as, Sadhgurufor fifteen days was just amazing. ‘So you need to really surround yourself with like-minded and better people than you’. It changed his perspective towards life and brought him more closer to a life threating adventures & experiences.
  8. Nyati‘Travel to places where your money or identity do not matter’. He always travels to places where people do not know who he is or his status. He is then able to enjoy the real person that he is.
  9. ‘Have an Adventurous attitude – Dare to do’. If you keep doing what you have been doing you will keep getting what you have been getting. Even at this stage, he doesn’t hesitate to take on different adventures like bungee jumping, base camp of Mount Everest, going on a nuclear power ship in the midst of ice and in sub-zero temperatures. So he enjoys such experience challenges because it changes him as a person. It is almost like meditation where your external identity is not relevant and you are dependent only on yourself to come out of it triumphant.
  10. ‘Respect you give is respect you earn’. When Mr. and Mrs. Nyati spoke there was perfect coordination and there was no overlapping of communication. Sulekahaji also said that women have to work harder or endure a lot more than men. As women you face a lot of limitations in life and do not get as much respect or opportunities as men do. When husband and wife are both aspirational then it results sometimes in conflict. So she thought it was necessary to balance out the relationship.
  11. Mr Nyati was very candid when he said that business was surrounded by spirituality, leadership, thought processes, building up capacity & talent. When asked ‘What is more important – building capacity vs building business?’ He said ‘always build capacity first and then business’. If you scale up without capacity you are bound to fail and the damages are irreversible and uncontrollable. It may cost you a bit higher but once you can then build a stronger business. So always focus first on capacity building and then build your business. Building capacity is an investment which could mean hiring talent, learning new skills or building your IT infrastructure. It always pays back.
  12. Adventure has a lot to do with businesses. ‘If you start enjoying adventure you also start enjoying your business’When you go to peak of your adventure, business challenges seem very small. When you are in the middle of an adventure your perspective at looking at your life changes.

Most amazing thing I noticed about Mr. Nyati was he spoke for two straight hours without a sip of water. While he was explaining the principles, the whole audience could sense that he was living those experiences again with the same energy.

I would like to thank Sh. Rahul Dhoot and entire board for taking this initiative and let us all MIG Members and family experience wisdom thru none other than Mr. and Mrs. Nyati.

Ashish Dalia
CEO & Chief Business Strategist at – I Knowledge Factory Pvt Ltd.