Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtags

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Hashtag is like the pulse of social media. It’s trending, as what you are thinking at the moment is written in hashtags.  Hashtags are the lifeblood for instagram. All the emotions are vented through hashtags, say for example #bae #bff #isropslvlaunch #oscars2017 and so many.

Whether you are happy or sad, insta shows it with hashtags. If you are an instagram marketer then you need to be mindful in the way you would be using your hashtags. Use the ones that set the viral platforms trending. It was once just a pound sign on a handset but it is now a trending sign on the social media platforms.

The best about these hashtags is that your own content can be discovered and re-discovered due to them, thus granting the status-quo of a creator. There are some hashtags that are created for spreading social awareness. It is like using the advanced way to connect with a great amount of people. It is of vital importance that you understand the relevance of the hashtags in social media marketing as there exists a really small line between doing it right and overusing it.

Do’s of Hashtags:

  • Give time for research as that is very important. Research the best hashtags that are used by the industry. They are mostly used by engaging instagram accounts.
  • Participate or use the hashtags which has reached a broader audience. Don’t use them deliberately just because you want to add it.
  • Check similar hashtags. Follow them.
  • Be careful while creating new hashtags. Monitor the use of it. See that it is not used in an inappropriate manner.
  • Create some hashtags that are relevant, small and easy to understand.
  • If you are not sure about the hashtags then track them. You can use online tools like Tagboard and Hashtracking. By using these resources you can find out which hashtags are trending and which aren’t.
  • The longtail hashtags will work better than the popular short tail hashtags. People are attracted to hashtags like #BestBusinessPractices #EnhancingCustomerRelations and plenty more to compete with.

Don’t’s of Hashtags

  • Avoid the hashtags which are getting into the negative frame as this will not help your brand do any good.
  • Using the overly popular hashtags like #foodporn will not do any good to you as it will push your post down and will not be visible.
  • If you are a brand then try not using the hashtags of the other brands as this will not help in boosting your brand. Rather it would off-put your brand in the market.
  • Hashtags is something that should be used with care. It should be added upto 30 characters which are the upper limit; hence you should be using smaller hashtags. They work better and in your favor.
  • Avoid using acronyms which are hard to understand as people seeing would not bother to decipher it or find what it means.
  • Know the proper format of writing the hashtags the format would be # and then the word you would like to use. You should not be adding a hashtag after the word, as it is the wrong format of doing so.

Alas, the unseen pound sign on our phones has changed into trending hashtags and is used as a powerful marketing tool today. With the help of this you can involve a target audience to have conversations with you. It will also help in spreading awareness among people about your brand. Use hashtags wisely and see your business reach new heights.

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Nirja Shah

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