Facebook ads versus Google ads

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Google being the search giant and Facebook being a nucleus for a billion daily active users, both are the evident choices for PPC campaigns.

But which one is better? Is the process of optimization similar and if it is different, then in what way?? And the most important which one to choose? Before we decide which one to go for it is very important that you need to write down a checklist before going for these highly influential channels; so that you can reap the maximum benefits.

Here are some factors which one should be aware before running the ads:

 1. Search target v/s Awareness

The main difference between Google and Facebook Ads is the search target. While searching on Google, a person specifically looks for a product, Facebook users are shown ads based on their interests. Google has a heavy marketing strategy while Facebook is all about focusing on brand awareness. The aim of a Google search is to display an ad which exactly matches with what people are searching. Here, your PPC strategy should be bang on as it will increase your clicks and conversion rates for your ads.

Here is an example of Google Ad-


 2. Demographic sensitive

If your ad goal is targeting a specific set of audience then Facebook is your go-to tool. If the purchase of product or service of any kind co-relates to any particular life-event then Facebook is your best option. For example, those who are recently married, anniversary celebration, birthdays etc. in short any kind of life-events can be tapped with effective precision with Facebook ads which cannot have the same effect with Google ads. If you want your ads to have a wider audience then Google ads are your best bet.

 3. Decoding the buyer’s psychology

Understanding your buyer is very important. If you want your buyer to immediately purchase a product then you should be going for Google AdWords. But if you are trying to bring in more awareness of your product then Facebook ads can help you target those who have an unknown need for the good. So, you see both are effective channels which can complement each other and if skillfully marketed can be used up to their complete potential.

 4. Understanding the ROI

Facebook ads are cheaper than Google, but the conversion rate is much higher for Google. Facebook gives a much higher return on investment, however this cannot be the only measure, there are many other factors which come into the fore. Also it depends on the type of company you are, your product etc. Both have equal importance and can be used interchangeably. It depends on the type and objective of your ads, what are your ad goal-branding/awareness,interaction, and conversions.

 5. Testing the visual parameter

A Google Adword is nothing more but text. A typical Adword includes a headline to attract attention, URLs, important selling points. However, this should not be the only factor. For a great sales generation there should be a trigger of words, a unique USP, call to action strategy. Conversely, Facebook ads include videos, images. In some cases, good quality images can attract more clicks. But this cannot be the means and end of all. Again it depends on the type of the product and your final aim of the ad generation. In some spaces, even a visually stunning creative won’t give the required impact while on the other hand using a great AdWords plan can backfire if not planned properly. Both can be used reciprocally measuring the pros and cons accordingly in respect of your product.

Here is a an example of a visual ad-


So which is the better choice? Well there is no final answer really.

It all comes down to one point. What is your ultimate goal of your business? Also there cannot be one channel which is the best for marketing. Sometimes it will so happen that you will need to use them in a parallel way since both are very useful individually.

In a nutshell-

  • Looking for better targeting? – Facebook
  • Immediate sales- Google AdWords
  • Brand Awareness/Lead Generation-Facebook
  • Variety of ad types-Google AdWords
  • Re Targeting-Facebook

No you don’t have to choose it all. You can choose both also. If not choose the one that best goes with your services or products and make the most of it. At the end of it you might be thinking more on these services well you may come to us and seek the best from the experts. For more details connect with our team of experts on 8888866110 or mail us on sales@ikf.co.in.