Get Strong Leads with a Portfolio Website


Any customer who has a certain project requirement, let say a dress designing requirement for example, is most likely to approach a business fulfill their needs. These organizations advertise themselves well enough on search engines and social media, to grab the attention of online visitors. No matter what the requirements are, the customer feels that he/she has found the right place and can proceed further without any more research.

But are the organization’s services always matched with the customer’s needs? Is the customer over-extending her/himself in terms of budget? Many a times, the scope of a customer’s requirement may be too small for an organization to entertain. This is where customers often miss out on the opportunity of working with a freelance professional, who can offer services specific to their needs without extending their budget. A freelance expert having a diversified portfolio and ample experience can offer quality solutions if the demand is not extensive in nature.

Establishing authority with a website

The reason why customers trust organizations is because they have a full-fledged website that says it all! Experience, portfolio, services, support… you ask and your questions are answered! This helps them generate strong leads and close them without any hassle. In today’s time, customers no longer wait for personal references or newspaper ads to get in touch with professionals… they just Google it and click on whatever they see on the first page of results! As a freelance professional, you need to establish your authority in the digital world by building a strong portfolio website that attracts maximum online traffic and generates leads from the right customers. You know what you can offer, how good you’re at it and what your USP is! Put all of this in a nice web-based experience and you’ll start receiving leads in no time.


Let’s look at some must-have features in a portfolio website:

1. Navigation:

Enabling people to quickly explore and land at the right spot on your website is the key to getting them interested in your services. Whenever a visitor comes on your website, he/she may either want a whole tour of it or just get to the right section. Keep your site-mapping simple and straightforward, and keep a centralized menu bar with drop-downs so whet people can navigate across your website with complete ease. As a leading website design company in Pune, we always prioritize on this.

2. Minimal UI/UX:

Most people building websites often misinterpret minimal for weak or cheap. Minimal design means avoiding all flashy gimmicks and the over-the-top graphics just to impress people, and using a clean and simple design for effective communication. Customers are actually impressed by a hassle-free experience that allows them to see what they want and get all the information in just a few clicks. That being said, you focus should be on presenting your portfolio in a neat and elegant way and keeping the rest of it simple.

3. Content:

You’ve worked hard on all your projects! Why not talk about it? Writing details about every project, like the scope of the project, software(s) used, client objective and ideas that you worked with, can really intrigue the customer. This can also help the customer understand your capabilities and can easily relate to a specific project in your portfolio, that matches his/her requirements.

4. Interactive graphics

Increasing interaction is a great way to make your visitors spend more time on your websites. You can use simple interactive graphics like, GIFs or Cursor Hover effects, to make it a fun and interesting experience for your visitors.

5. CTA

Call-to-actions are very crucial for your portfolio website and need to be placed strategically at various locations. Apart from your main contact us section, placing CTAs in sections like ‘services’ or ‘portfolio’, can prompt visitors to create an inquiry right there and then, and in turn, increase the volume of leads.

Website ready? Make it visible!

You’re done building your website. That’s great! Now how do you get people to visit? Just by creating a website, you don’t necessarily get visitors in the digital world. You need more attention from many different places, in order to generate consistent traffic. How do you do that? By leveraging other digital mediums to talk about or advertise your website! This is how your website will gain visibility and become more popular. There is an organic (free) way of doing things and then there is a paid way. You can start off with organic and see what kind of results you get.

Let’s see how different digital marketing channels can help your website gain visibility:

1. Search engine optimization:

This is the first step of making your website visible! Every search in the online world begins on a search engine, like Google. Your website needs to appear for the right keywords that are searched on Google. For example; let’s you’re a fashion designer in Pune. People searching for queries like “freelance fashion designers” or “fashion designers in Pune” should see your website in the results page. This happens when you target your website pages for specific keywords.

2. Social media marketing:

Creating profiles on social media sites like Facebook is completely free. So why not use them to talk about your website? You can post informative content like videos, creatives or just tiny bites, that are related to your field of work. Along with that, you can subtly promote your website, highlighting the services you offer. This will create a following for your page and in turn, create an interest for your website. Any digital marketing company in India will offer this service.

3. Content:

There is a great deal of passion and drive behind what you do as a freelance professional. Why not talk about it? People love to hear when someone shares their views, opinions or suggestions regarding a topic of interest. You can talk about what you like about this field, share expert opinions or even your experience via written blogs, articles or opinion pieces. This makes you look more authoritative in people’s eyes and can help generate a lot of traffic. Any SEO company in Pune will suggest content marketing for your website.

Content can generate traffic in the following ways

  • a) Content on your website: You post content on your website and have it optimized for SEO results. You can also share links to the blogs on your social media pages.
  • b) Content on third party websites: There are many reputed websites that allow guest-posting i.e. allow content from other users. You can post your content on such websites and add links to your website to generate traffic.

4. Email:

Emailers can be very helpful in sparking mass interest in your services, as they can be highly personalized for every person. Email is the cheapest of way marketing as you can use templatized emails for similar audiences. There are various tools available as well to automate your entire email scheduling process. This is typically a part of all our digital marketing services in Mumbai.

The digital world is growing faster than ever with every business and professional creating their own unique identities. You need to work on creating a right identity for yourself, and then keep working on improving it so that your business stays afloat in the online world.

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