Local SEO vs Global SEO: Which One Should You Target?

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For internet advertising, it is very crucial to create a website that is compelling for the target audience. While deciding an SEO strategy, one of the most important things that you should be asking yourself is whether you need Local SEO or Global SEO. Both the types of SEO have their advantages as well as challenges.Local SEO vs Global SEO
Global and Local SEO are exactly what they sound like. It is the reach of SEO that you are using for your business. The type of SEO technique you are using for your business is based on your requirements and the reach that you want with your audience. Let us first understand about these techniques.

What is local SEO?

For small businesses that are located in a specific city or region, Local SEO is recommended. For example, businesses such as a car repair service, supermarket or retail store, medical facility, restaurant, dental practice and much more can implement Local SEO. When a small or local company implements a local SEO campaign, its website has higher chances of achieving good rankings on search engine results page for that particular area. This helps in boosting the company’s online presence along with providing great exposure to local internet users who are searching something relevant to their business.

What is global SEO?

If your service, product, or business is appealing to a target audience globally, then you should be considering Global SEO. When you are using global SEO techniques for a search query like “dental offices in Minneapolis,” then your SEO strategies are going to reach places as far as South America, Europe, or someone who is looking for dental services in Hong Kong.
To better elucidate the difference between global and local SEO, and to answer the question “which one should you target: Local SEO or Global SEO?” here are a couple of things that you should remember.

When to Target Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is recommended for small companies having their presence only in specific location/area. But, local SEO can also be a good strategy for slightly bigger firms that are located in a particular city or region. Thus, this type of SEO marketing is beneficial for businesses like locally owned stores, repair shops, little boutiques, and family-run medical practices. These places only interest the local population. If you go beyond that area, you could end up harming your business rather than helping it.

When to Target Global SEO?

The farther your business reaches out with regards to your target audience, the more you will want to think about global SEO. This type of SEO is ideal for those businesses, which function on a more global scale. For example, when you offer a specific service that benefits several companies worldwide, then you should consider global SEO strategy. But, for that you should be sure that this is the right strategy for you. Consider talking to an SEO professional if you are unsure whether your business could benefit from global SEO. These professionals will help you decide whether this route is right for you, or if there is any other option that you should be considering ahead of time.
It is recommended to have a specific plan and strategy prior to implementing any SEO on your website. Hope this will help you decide whether you should target local SEO or global SEO.
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