Google Adwords – How To Bid Lower And Get A Higher Ranking!

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Your Ad rank or Ad position is the number at which your Ad shows up on a page. For example, an ad position of ‘1’says that it is in the first position. In general, it is a good thing – as it ensures that a lot more people will see it. It is easy to get your feedback on your ad’s performance by checking your average position. The trick is to get a higher ranking while keeping your bid low, especially when you have a low budget.


Stop and take a moment to prepare:

The average position is a metrics that is useful for checking your campaign progress on the Search Network.  Keep in mind that due to the large variety of websites found on the Display Network, average position may be less useful for optimizing display performance.

Do you know on what basis your ad position is decided?

Auction- time measurements of expected CTR, landing page experience, ad relevance, including the expected impact of extension, is what decides the ad position that you win in the auction.

To improve your ad position, you can:

  • Enhance your ad quality
  • Push up your bid
  • Boost the mobile landing page experience, including the quality of your computer system

Why does better ads mean better ad rank?

We calculate Ad Rank, every time a search prompts an ad to compete in an auction – a calculation that depends on your bid, ad relevance, auction-time measurements of expected CTR, landing page experience etc.

By enhancing the following factors, you can improve the quality components of your Ad Rank:

Your ad’s click-through rate: Your ads past clicks and impressions.

Ad’s relevance to the search: How relevant is your ad text to what a person searches for.

What is the Quality of your landing page?

How relevant, transparent and easy-to-navigate your page is.

Now that you have a fairly good idea of what leads to a lower bid and higher ranking in Google AdWords, can you spell out specifically why ad quality matters so much. Let’s look at some of the elements. In short, higher quality ads are much more liable to typically lead to lower costs, better ad positions, and inevitably advertising success. Simply put, the entire thing works better when the ads are relevant, closely matching what customers’ are looking for in their searches.

The quality component of your Ad Rank can affect the following things:

  • Ad auction eligibility: Better quality components ensure eligibility in the ad auction
  • Your actual cost per click: Higher quality ads lead to lower CPC’s, which means you pay less per click
  • Ad position: Higher quality ads lead to higher ad positions
  • Keyword’s ad position bid estimates: Higher quality ads typically result in lower first page bid estimates, top of page bid estimates and first position bid estimates
  • Eligibility for ad extensions and other formats. Your Ad rank determines whether your ad can be displayed with ad extensions and site links

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