Can Google Allo Outsmart Whatsapp?

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Google Playstore has thousands of apps for different purposes. What we all are addicted to is the messaging app where we can share pictures, documents etc and that to at the least possible cost. Gone are the days where we used SMS’s for communicating with each other.  There are plenty of messaging apps, some of the favorite ones are Whatsapp, Hike, Allo etc.
Google recently launched its much talked app ‘Allo’. It is a messaging app which relies upon the users mobile number. The mobile number can be used only once. One of the best features that this app has is that it has the Google search function built in the chat application. This in turn helps the procedure for using the procedure which is more convenient for the users to search information while chatting.

 Here is an article by IKF – a leading website design company in Mumbai & Pune, upon the similarities & differences between Google’s Allo and Whatsapp.

Similarities between Google Allo vs Whatsapp
Allo can be interesting than Whatsapp but they are similar in a lot of ways. If we look at the design we can see that they are similar. They both are used for sharing images, videos, stickers etc. But we can say that Allo has more stickers which actually is fun for the users. They both require a number to activate the app. There is a quick reply from the notification feature, though the users cannot type replies in case of Allo. There is an option where in the users can opt for the smart virtual assistant built inside the app.
The war between the apps is on
One of the biggest difference that we have is the smart Al in Allo. Whatsapp is a simple-looking app which consists of some of the basic features. But, Allo has more to it other than chatting. With the support of Google Assistant in Allo you can search hotels, flights, movie halls and a lot more directly via this app.
Both the apps assure end-to-end encryption for the chats. Allo allows some selective chats to have end-to-end encrypted, this means that you can chat with the contact you wish in the incognito mode. This chat will be an encrypted one and the chat history will disappear once you have finished chatting by setting the expiration period. The expiration period can be set from 5 seconds to a maximum of one week. Once the conversation is over the chat will expire. If the expiration period is switched off the chats may not disappear. There are some text formatting options for both the apps. While Whatsapp has bold, italics and strikethrough options for text formatting, Allo allows you to increase or decrease the size of the text by sliding the send button up and down.
One of the other feature that is included in Whatsapp is that it allows you to make calls directly from the app by using the internet connection. This feature is not available with Allo but it has the Google chat app Hangouts available.
Which one would you prefer Allo or Whatsapp?
Allo appears to be a better app in terms of its design, functionalities and its cool features. Whatsapp has his own advantage of being the most famous messaging app. Most of your contacts are available on Whatsapp so there is a more tendency of using that app. This is a big drawback for Allo. They use these apps to connect with each other but if they don’t find their friends on this app they would not download  it. Till then Whatsapp will continue ruling the chat app list. The only thing Google can do is how fast it can bring the users to Allo. But, as they say “Change is the only thing constant”, you never know when Allo can takeover the messaging app market.
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