Six Tips to Get a Great Graphic Design on a Shoestring Budget

Most entrepreneurs are looking to create his/her brand awareness through extravagant and engaging graphic designs by showcasing their work through websites, brochures, visiting cards, coffee table books and a lot of different media.

But a first-time entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who is tight budgeted on the graphic design aspect needs to understand that great graphic designs can also be achieved through a slim budget. If you are such an entrepreneur, here are some tips which might help you to know how it works:

  1. Do your homework: First and foremost, do a thorough reading of simple DIY tips to start with. For e.g. read books that help you help yourself. Simple tricks could cut costs without compromising on the quality. There are ample of free graphic design software’s out there to explore and tickle your creative mind.
  1. Get actual: If you have no time to surf the internet or flip through books, it’s time you get actual. I mean practical enough to set your expectations, the what, how, where & when of your product or service. For e.g.:
  • What is it that you need to sell? Whether it is a corporate identity item, indoor, outdoor, pop items or miscellaneous items.
  • Where is your target audience located?
  • Purpose of the product or service?
  • Is it very classy, average or modest?
  • Do you have a deadline? How soon you expect it to launch?
  • Have you decided on a certain budget?

     If you have found answers to these queries, then it is easier for you to communicate it to your designer.

  1. Fix a budget: It is the most crucial part. It is great to calculate your budget beforehand rather than going haywire with your business capital. For e.g. If you need something like a corporate brochure or a business card designed, take the market wage rate of a graphic designer and multiply it by the project timeline.
  1. Outsourcing: Well, there are ample platforms available where you can post your work and choose a genuine graphic designer, where they provide creative design services at fixed charges.
  1. Avoid being vague about details: If you have set your eye on outsourcing a project, then you must be very careful about the product/service details. For e.g. The format you want it in, the image size, the colours that should emphasize etc. Remember if you are indecisive here, the project cost might hike up unnecessarily.
  1. Proofread: When you have entrusted a task upon the designer, double check on the copy that goes into the design. Changing the copy every now and then or micro- managing the work, might add up to the man hours put in by the designer and hence your budget may go overboard.

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Vidya Mahajan

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