How Much You Should Pay for a Website

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At any given point of time, there are 2 billion internet subscribers online globally. 45% of the subscribers account from Asia. This is a huge figure considering the growing global market opportunities and successive reach to its end users. Nonetheless, every thriving business today needs a website as an increasing number of users are spending more time online and a strong digital presence is fast catching up to be the norm. So, how much does it cost to create a website for your business?

However, the answer is not as simple, because just as every business is different, so are websites and there are several factors that come into play when determining the cost of building one. Add to it the fact that different web designing companies are likely to quote varying prices for a similar website and things can get tricky, to say the least!

However, fret not, for we at IKF make it simple for you to understand how to determine the cost of a website by throwing light on the dynamics of building a website that works. So, let’s get started…

What Determines the Cost of Designing a Website?

When it comes to website designing, you get what you pay for, literally. So, before you hire a web designing agency to build your website, it’s important to decide on what you want your website to do for your business.

The most important factor here is the level of functionality you want for your website. In this day and age of digital marketing, websites have come a long way from being simple pages containing information and details about your business. The modern website is a powerful marketing tool and is designed to serve the purpose, with integrated social media, video players, online directories, forums, blog posts, and much more.

Including these features makes the design complex and demands more time, thus escalating the cost. Also, the addition of interactive elements like rotating digital portfolios, dialogue boxes pop-up, moving graphics, great rollovers and design effects etc. leave a potent impact on your users but can be really expensive.

However, not every business may need all of these functionalities on their website and you should take time to decide if yours would and that too right from the start. This is essential when you’re starting out as you would not want to pay an exorbitant amount for features you can easily do away with.

What You Should Pay for Your Website/Blog

To make it easier for you to decide on a budget for your website, let us have a quick look at two common types of websites along with an estimate of the cost of designing.

  1. Blog

Do you earn money from your blog? Or do you just use it to share your thoughts with the world? If it’s the latter, then a free theme is all you should think of or maybe spend some money to give it a personal touch.

However, if your blog makes money, then it does make sense to invest in getting it designed by a professional, because a professionally designed blog will grab more attention, increase user engagement and fetch more advertisers. In spite of that, you should not be spending more than $2000 or somewhere between Rs. 10-20,000/- in India on a blog.

2. Business Website

We can never say enough about how important a website is to your business. When conceptualizing a design for their website, many business owners tend to get carried away and end up focusing on the bells and whistles alone, instead of the functionality aspect.

A great business website is one that provides a way for your users to interact with your business, with social media links and feeds, email newsletter signup, forums, gallery, slideshow, etc. The approximate cost for a simple business website should be between $5000 to $10000.

The Need to Hire a Professional

So you see that a professionally designed website does cost you but there are reasons you should still consider making this investment.

To begin with, there is a rising demand for high-end websites and your business needs one for brand image building. Moreover, a website designed by a good professional is more reliable. Also, building a website alone is not enough as you need to make it responsive across different digital devices. With more than 232 possible screen sizes to cater to, this can be complicated and only a seasoned designer can do justice to it.

In addition to designing, there are other factors that contribute to the cost of a website, such as domain name, web-hosting, a number of pages, SEO and copywriting, and maintenance. Before you choose a designing firm to work with, make sure you ask for their expertise and experience and discuss your budget and the goals of your business.

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