How SEO & User Experience can be used Together for Better Conversions

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Today, when I think of the good old days, SEO appears to be so simple! Stuffing some relevant keywords in your content and getting backlinks was all that mattered to get ranked on the search engines. But, things have changed over time.

As the searches of the users got refined, the search engines grew too. User Experience has turned out to be one of the most influencing factors that ensure your digital marketing efforts pays off i.e, you get quality traffic that transforms into your customers.

Offering SEO services in India, the IKF, has witnessed and adapted to the evolving Google requirements. We try to merge SEO and User experience in our strategy to ensure optimum performance of our client’s website. The reason is simple-SEO targets search engines & UX targets your website’s visitors. So, ideally both share a common goal of giving users the best experience.

UX & SEO Connection

In my experience as a CEO of the SEO company in Pune, the IKF, I have learnt that fulfilling users expectations is the prime objective of all marketing endeavors. Websites that perform better at meeting the needs of searchers have a better chance of landing on the first page of the search results. In this sense, anything that we do for search engines, we actually do it for the searchers.

Experienced & smart SEO professionals surpass the requirements of Google and Bing and look for ways to improve their overall user experience. If you too want to boost your web performance and earn more conversions, then you need to merge SEO & UX prudently.

Let’s take a look at how these two techniques of digital marketing can work together to benefit your website:

1. Keyword research

Keywords provide valuable insights on how searchers are looking for your products/services. While giving an idea of the prospective website visitors' searches, the keyword data also provides overview of the overall audience. Now, this can be used to improve the audience’s experience and their development of choices. By integrating SEO and UX it’s easier to determine what pages on the website need to be optimized to increase conversions.

2. Use of heading

Just like in printed work(magazine or newspaper), relevant titles make it easier for the readers to find information, the headings of a web page too helps the visitors and search engine crawlers to understand your content. Headings should be such that it clearly conveys the readers and search engines what the paragraphs/sections are about and show a logical hierarchy of the content.

3. Navigation & Site structure

Your site structure is important not only for your users, but also for the search engines as it acts as your site’s roadmap. Remember, many of the visitors will not come to your website through the home page, so an easy navigation is a must.

As a digital marketing company in pune, we reiterate to avoid unwanted popups, a long list of options and other distractions that confuse the user, making it difficult for them to reach a particular section of your site or to get back to your home page. It’s better to keep it simple and clear.

4. Content optimization

Your content must provide an answer to what the user is looking for. Keep the content focused on a single need while using links that direct the reader to the more detailed information as needed. Each page must have an optimised content that has a primary goal. Use relevant keywords while weaving the content around a single topic that addresses the visitor’s needs and your goals for them.

5. Site Speed

Your website speed can be the reason behind attracting or detracting viewers attention. Searchers and site visitors are impatient. They prefer to leave and go for a fresh search rather than keep waiting to view what you offer.

If your pages are slow to load, the search engines too might limit your exposure to searchers, especially those working from slow connections. Website speed is one of the prime factors determining your Google ranking and hence, even the experts of any top digital marketing company in India would ask you to work upon it for desired results.

6. Final thoughts

The above points have just touched the basics of how SEO and UX together can impact your web performance. Google & other search engines stay abreast with the changing behaviours of the users. Hence, using a combination of UX and SEO will ensure the respective website is optimized for their users just as much as it is optimized for search engines.

If you wish to see your website as your strong business asset, then trust reliable hands. IKF is a reputed digital marketing & website designing company in Pune that can help you win your loyal customers. By integrating SEO and UX efforts into a valuable strategy, we deliver results that can improve your business bottomline.

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