How to Evaluate Right Digital Marketing Company

3 min read

Evaluating and choosing a perfect digital marketing company is a task that needs to be done with a lot of initial planning and analysis. Choice of the right digital marketing firm is an important milestone, particularly if you have just started a business. There are a number of digital marketing and online advertising agencies that claim to be different or specialist, but in reality, they all look similar and offer the same services.


Here are a few things that one must take into account when thinking of employing a digital marketing agency:

  1. Portfolio

The digital marketing company, no matter new or experienced one, would have a portfolio. Browse through the portfolio to know more about the company. One of the most important things to check is whether the digital marketing company has understood shared goals of the companies it has dealt with earlier. If you find out that their creative team has been successful in getting the pulse of both the audience and the client, then you can consider going with the internet marketing firm.

  1. Website

The website of a digital marketing agency is a mirror of the company’s culture. The website, as well as the feedback of customers, reflects a company’s creative arsenal. While you go through the website, you’ll come to know whether the company is talented enough to come up with creative ideas and plans.

  1. Background

Age of the company and background of employees are the two important factors that one should always consider while evaluating a digital marketing company. Several digital and online advertising agencies are springing up and hence, a number of them will be still classed as ‘new’. Along with the background check and experience of the company’s senior staff members, one must also consider whether they can use their experience to help your business accomplish its goals.

  1. Audit Report

Ask the agency to prepare an audit report. A great way to understand the marketing capabilities of a digital marketing firm is an audit. It is a win-win situation. The more a company discovers during an audit, better are the chances to gauge the credibility of the company. This also shows that they will pay close attention to detail in managing your account if you accept their service in future.

  1. Strategy

Last but not the least, you can ask the digital marketing agency to come up with a research proposal that outlines a high-level strategy that they think will help meet your goals in online marketing. This provides a good opportunity to know why they feel their approach will give good results. You can ask those following questions to understand their approach:

  • Why do they feel their strategy will help meet our goals and objectives?
  • Is it sustainable?
  • When can you expect to start seeing good results from their strategy?
  • To carry out a successful campaign, what resources will they need from you?

A good internet marketing firm believes in creativity and out of the box thinking. A good understanding of implementing big ideas and measuring success is a sign of a good digital marketing company. These are the key factors that you need to consider while evaluating a digital branding agency.