How to find potential customers during COVID-19 lockdowns?

How to find potential customers during COVID-19 lockdowns?

There’s a difference between getting sales and finding potential customers. Potential customers could mean recurring revenue for a long-term basis, finding quality clients that are dedicated and sincere or could also mean getting clients that have the potential to take your company to the next level. That’s why potential customers are very important for your future, as they have the potential to change your business for the better.

Tapping into the market potential today for a better tomorrow

That being said, you need work on getting these potential customers today so that you can get an opportunity to work with them tomorrow. With the COVID-19 lockdowns invoking panic across companies and industries, many businesses fail to see the opportunity of engaging new buyers as many people are still looking to do business. Even though economies are badly affected and markets taking a hit, many companies are still looking for new vendors or partners on search engines, websites and social media sites, to do business due to any of the following reasons

  • a. The lockdown might not be affecting them that much
  • b. They are planning for the future right from now
  • c. They are looking for a cheaper vendor with whom they can do risk-free business
marketing yourself by digital marketing agency in India

So, as you can see, the potential of finding new business opportunities is still at large. You may make a sale right now or may be a few weeks later, but it’s bound to happen if you attract the right potential customers today. As a reputed digital marketing company in india, we recommend every business to adapt a digital-only strategy for cost-effective marketing.

Marketing yourself to potential customers

All it takes is sparking an interest in the right consumer. Potential customers are all around you. Some may be difficult to get hold of even for a quick discussion, some may need a meeting or 2 to get convinced, while may get sold right from the very first impression. So, let’s look at various things you can do today to effectively engage interested buyers.

5 ways to attract customers during the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Present a clear strategy:

Let’s say you got a meeting with a client today. A phone call or even a video conference call. Rather than making tempting offers for your product or service, you can share a holistic strategy about how you both can keep doing business together for a long-term, in a risk-free way. A presentation which talks about how you’re planning to do business during the pandemic [if they are interested] and after the pandemic, in 2 different phases. This is important for any client as everyone is operating on a very restricted budget during these days.

2. Optimize your website:

Your business website is the only address that matters in today’s time. Work on uplifting your website experience by adding more information about your products and services, along with giving more clarity on your contact info. Apart from that, you can also optimize your navigation and remove unnecessary pages so that your visitors can land on the right information in the shortest amount of time. As a leading web design company in India, we highly recommend this.

3. Prepare SEO strategies:

Customers are searching up a variety of products and services online. This is where you as a business owner, can start looking for opportunities to secure your future revenue stream. What will be the most popular product, how often people are searching for the same product and what will be the demand like 3 months from now? These are all the questions that SEO company in Pune should be taking into consideration for creating your future SEO strategies. The only place you need to look for your answers is your search engine analytics! This will show you what people will be interested in 3 months from now, with precise data and detailed consumer behaviour information. Everything you do and every data-set you procure will strengthen your future SEO strategies.

4. Increase social media visibility:

Go where the people are, where people are talking about new products and technologies, and where people are most active. Over the last few weeks, there has been a massive surge in social media activities among all age groups. People have more time at hand as everyone is working from home. Start creating social media campaigns that helps in communicating a clear message that says the following:

  • a. You are open for business
  • b. You are flexible in terms of pricing
  • c. You are ready to listen to you customer’s problems

Being a leading social media agency in India, this is a top priority for all our clients at times like these

5. Content marketing:

If your product or service is really worth selling even during these tough times, why not talk about it openly? Expressing your opinions on various issues revolving around your product/service, in an informative and structured way is one the best ways to promote your business. You can create content pieces in the form of blogs, articles or newsletters, that give detailed insights about your product and its applications.

During times like these, promoting your product in a clear and direct fashion is the only way to gain customers. Your potential customers need to see the potential in you… they need to see the potential revenue they will generate by doing business with you! All this needs to be communicated in a very straightforward manner so that your potential customers don’t hesitate before trusting you.

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