How to Optimize Monetary Gains from Facebook Ads

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A modern day marketer today is exposed to multitudes of marketing channels and tools. With plenty of options available it's easier to get overwhelmed. However, spending time and money on the most impactful channel and tactic is what one needs to focus on.

When it comes to social media platforms, the potential of Facebook can’t be ignored by any digital marketer. With a huge user base of 1.49 billion members worldwide, and 22 billion ad clicks per year, it is certainly the platform with one of the largest advertising opportunities. Running a targeted ad on Facebook doubles your chances of reaching a quality audience and bringing in sales.

Offering digital marketing services in India, the IKF considers Facebook as a marketing tool with immense targeting capabilities. It's micro-target approach based on people's interests, behaviors, demographics, age, connections, locations, or languages helps you reach your exact audience. Not to forget, you can even target users interested in your competitors’ services/products. What’s more, the Facebook ads tend to cost a fraction of what other online marketing channels cost.

Strategies for assured monetary value from Facebook Ads

If you want to make money from facebook ads and accelerate your business growth, you must follow some marketing tips. Drawn from real-life marketing experiences and real-life results, enlisted below are a few tips to maximize your monetary gains from Facebook ads.

1 Decide what goals you want to achieve through Facebook Ad

campaign categories wherein each campaign is optimized according to its objective type. Whether you aim to increase brand awareness or improve engagement or simply want more conversions, pick the right ad campaign that befits your marketing goal. For instance, if you opt for a traffic campaign, Facebook will make your ad visible to selective people within the target audience who are likely to click. The whole objective of a traffic campaign is to gain clicks.

However, if you run a conversion campaign, Facebook will show the ad to people within your target audience who are likely to not just click but also convert. Conversion campaigns are one of the leading objectives that help businesses make money with Facebook ads. A conversion could be an online sale or an online lead depending on your website set up.

Different businesses prefer different campaigns. While ecommerce may look for online sales, a service based company like a restaurant may focus on lead generation. Whatever may be the objective, Facebook ad campaigns when carried out smartly can get your business going. This is what even the best digital marketing company in India would agree to.

2. Find your target audience

Choose the right audience who will be interested in your products or services. Showing your ads to people who aren’t relevant to your brand will just be a waste of your money. For instance, if you sell a product for younger kids, don’t restrict your audience only to young mothers, instead keep your spectrum broader by targeting parents, grandparents, teachers and more.

Experts offering PPC services in India, prefer exploring the plethora of targeting options offered by Facebook to drive best possible results. From demographics to buying behaviors and self-marked interests, you can pick your audience that are most likely to convert. While features like ‘lookalike audience’ fetches you good engagement by finding more people who “look like” your existing customers , the retargeted Facebook engagement works effectively for spiking your sales further.

3. Learn what kind of Ads will appeal to your audience

Once done with choosing a campaign and your target market, plan out your ad format that will serve the purpose right. Videos are often considered to be the best bet. This is because they are visually attractive and can be viewed without having to scroll down. Having said that, we cannot completely rule out the significance of graphical presentation.There are cases where static images do work out well. For instance, carousel images are great for ecommerce clients as users can quickly scroll through products and do some shopping right there on their Facebook newsfeed. The point is to create a powerful ad (whether video or graphical) that instantly connects with the viewers and convinces them to take desired action.

Bonus Tip: If your ad provides value to the customer through educational how-to’s or free e-guides, they’re more likely to trust and interact with your brand than if they just see your ads displaying sales prices outrightly in their newsfeed.

Concluding Thoughts: While all this might seem good in theory, its workability in real life is a million-dollar question. Like any digital marketing agency in India, we will not say that these strategies guarantee you sales every single time for every single business. However, we can admit that the strategies have worked for most of the clients and hence, there are good chances that you too can benefit from them. You just need to work smartly.

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