How to Update Landing Page Content without Hurting Your SEO?

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How to Update Landing Page Content without Hurting Your SEO?

When it comes to digital marketing strategy, landing pages play a significant role in attracting leads and facilitating meaningful conversions. An effective landing page optimized for SEO improves rankings on search engines and ensures you connect with your relevant audience.

Many top digital marketing experts believe that for a website to perform well in SERPs, one needs to focus on optimising new existing content for organic search. This is not only restricted to web pages but also landing pages where conversion and click-through rates largely rely on quality content.

If you’re confused about whether or not your existing landing page content is up to the mark, conducting a content audit may be helpful. It will help you identify the missing links and take appropriate corrective measures. Note that revamping your landing page content for SEO, including local SEO, can be highly lucrative but if not done correctly, it can damage your already established credibility.

How to Update Landing Page Content without Hurting Your SEO?

Tips to Ensure Your Content Changes Don’t Hamper Your SEO Efforts

Worried about whether your content upgradation or refresh strategy might adversely impact your SEO strategy that is already in place? Here are some easy tips to avoid all the hassle:

Keyword strategy must guide the content

A powerful keyword strategy can make all the difference while drafting content during landing page development. So, use your keywords strategically while focusing on search intent.

  • Search for organic keywords, discover keywords your competitors are ranking for, and identify related keywords to ensure your content is as comprehensive and meaningful as possible.
  • Make sure the keywords blend with your content naturally and logically. After all, you are writing for human readers, not for bots.
  • Search engine algorithms are very smart; they can easily identify keyword stuffing so avoid if you want to climb the SERPs.
  • You can try out secondary and semantic keywords to support the primary keyword and contextualise further based on what your landing page is focusing on.

Make the content structure search engine-friendly

For your landing page content to get noticed, merely right keywords are not enough. You need to work on the structure of your content as well so that it’s easily recognized and understood by the search engine bots. Here are some ways in which you can make your content stand out and ensure search engine indexes it correctly:

  • Keep the page’s title tag short with your primary keyword preferably in the beginning.
  • Choose the right alternative text (alt tags) for images so the search engine bots can read them.
  • Add a crisp and clear meta description, telling users what to expect on the landing page.
  • Include an H1 heading tag that complements your page title. Break up other content on the page using H2 and H3 headers.
  • Don’t forget to add relevant internal links using targeted keyword phrases.

Optimize your images

Optimizing visual elements on the landing pages can enhance your SEO considerably.

  • It helps search engines to understand your content better and also serves users who browse the image tab attached to their search results.
  • Give a proper file name to your image, incorporate primary keyword in the file name, title, and alt tag.

Implement backlink building strategy

Sometimes, even wrong landing pages rank better because of high-authority backlinks. This is a clear indicator of the weightage given to backlinks by the search engines.

  • Try to obtain high-quality backlinks from reputed, authoritative, and high-ranking websites to boost your landing page SEO. For instance, link exchanges can be an excellent way to gain backlinks.
  • When mentioning a statistic or fact, cite the source. You can then increase the odds of them referring to your page. Focus on natural links and give preference to quality over quantity.

Promote the landing page

Don’t forget to promote your landing pages with fresh content on popular social media platforms.

  • Just like you adopt different promotional strategies for your blog posts so that it ranks well in Google, improve your landing page SEO value by sharing its link on social media and also reach out to contacts in your industry asking for a link.
  • This can be instrumental in gaining online visibility and driving more traffic to your landing page.

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