Top 10 Ideas for Your Social Media Brand Engagement

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Are you looking to boost your social media engagement? If ‘yes’, there are some easy as pie content ideas to adhere to. These Top 10 ideas are a must follow list for any Brand to get superb engagement. These ideas have everything you could possibly post on social media and get the desired result. From personal celebrity profile to business profile, to promotional posts for any brand, this list of 10 ideas will keep your social media page alive and be kicking. So, let’s get started.

1. Sharing Quotes: For starters, jazzing up interesting quotes of personalities always performs well to garner engagement. The quotes can be humorous, inspiring or motivational. Well, it’s a winning point when you post quotes associated with your brand.

Imagine you have a play school, you can share quotes related to parenting, life skill related quotes or even motivational quotes.

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2. Product Creative: Sharing a product creative will boost your brand awareness. Putting a simple product creative for a long time can get boring for your online audience. Play with & incorporate different themes which will make your page unique from your competitor. Product creative works best for sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snap chat.

Picture this, you are a fashion brand, start thinking of a suitable theme that will go with your brand and design a creative that is unique; you can even add taglines for making it more attractive and catchy.

Product Creative

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3. Reviews or Testimonials: Sharing Reviews and Testimonials is one the best ways to step-up your brand value. When your target audience is going through your social media page, it’s hard for them to believe whether your brand is trustworthy or not. Hence, posting a testimonial or review makes it easy for your audience to trust your brand because reviews are given by your customers who have already used your service or product.

Visualize that you are a jewelry brand, people may not be internet savvy or maybe they are anxious about the quality of the product. Sharing a testimonial review by your existing customer raises your prospective customer’s faith in your brand.

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4. Telling your Brands most selling products: Recommending best selling products or sharing a product of the month creates demand for the product. People love what is in trending and if they see that many people liking a particular product, they may be encouraged to buy it and believe me people love free advice. So start giving some valuable advice.

If you are an e-commerce site; share a list of your top sellers or highly demanding products will raise the demand for the product.

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5. Hold a selfie contest: A recent study by ‘Now Sourcing and Frames Direct’ reveals some surprising selfie statistics. The study predicts the average millennial will spend about an hour a week to take up to 25,700 selfies in their lifetime. Selfie contest will surely improve your page engagement.

Imagine your brand deals in handcrafted metal ware, tap on the most trending day, like mother’s day and ask your fans to share their selfie with their mother and win a gift hamper. This contest will surely boost your page engagement and you will be able to see the result in one or two days.

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6. Share a trending topic: Social media is all about what is trending and when you catch that trend, people find it interesting, and they even start sharing it. Make a creative related to your brand and while uploading it use the hash tag which is trending to get more engagement to your post.

Imagine you are an e-commerce website and you are running a sale. The topic that is trending on social media is Game of Thrones and you can make use of that trending topic by creating a post related to Game of Thrones, by using a proper hash tag to drive more engagement.

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7. Hold a flash sale: If you want to improve your sale and muster more engagement at the same time, the best way will be to hold a flash sale. Flash sales are attractive, and to make it work, use the best tagline to your best selling products. This will help you to get more conversions. Flash sale can result in a new page like, more engagement and better sale.

Imagine you are a domain name service provider; you can execute a flash sale offering .xyz Domain at Rs.200. To get more engagement to the sale, announce the flash sale a week before, on all your social media sites and then see the magic.

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8. Hold a giveaway: The best method to get engagement on your social media platform is to hold a giveaway for your fan. A giveaway is a great way to increase the engagement, giveaway also gives you more visibility and awareness of your brand.

Imagine you are a start-up brand and there are few people who know about your brand, holding a giveaway is an easy and effective way to let your fans know about your brand. With the help of a giveaway, you can share an offer or give them a gift hamper of your brand. This method works wonders as it gives new page likes, better engagement, and strength to your brand.

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9. Hold Q&A sessions: Posing some trivia questions give your fan an opportunity to talk to you directly. An audience is craving for vital information every now and then, in case you address those questions through your Q&A tour, there are chances of greater user engagement. It’s a simple way to get better results. As Q&A session increase user engagement and also is a get way to let your fans know about your brand.

Imagine you are a dentist; you can have a Live Session, in which people can ask about their dental problems to the doctor and get a useful and efficient solution. That will build trust with your Audience and also it will Increase your conversion rate of people visiting your clinic.

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10. Posting video content: Video has the power to increase the view, engagement, and share of your post on your social media platform. As video catches the attention of people in just 3 seconds, adding an attractive caption is a cherry on top. Videos are the best way to drive engagement. Video gives you a chance to connect with your audience in a relatable way. Videos that are crisp and smart work well online.

Imagine you are an educational institute, the best way to drive engagement is to post a video in which your students are talking about your Institute, infrastructure and education facilities your Institute has provided them and why they should join the Institute. In this way, you will build trust with your audience, as people love to listen from the people who are actually a part of the Institute.

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So, now you don’t have an excuse to not have a good engagement on your social media platforms. Get started with fresh and vibrant ideas and just soak in the wonderment that your social media post will drive. Remember, to be unique and think out of the box every time you poster content on your social media platform.

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