Importance of a Digital Campaign For a Dentist

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As soon as we hear the word DENTIST the only thoughts that cross our mind is tooth ache, root canal, cavities, braces etc. In the good olden days when we suffered with all of this, we referred to yellow pages for best dentist in the city. But as times have changed we prefer finding a dentist online. We try to find everything right from the address to the reputation of the dentist before visiting him.

Digital marketing is used for creating a buzz for reasons like

  1. Marking a digital footprint like running digital campaigns on Facebook
  2. Creating a website to showcase your business
  3. Creating potential leads

The most important reason is to attract the customers and providing them with the utmost information and for this you need to get down with certain things

  1. Setting up a goal

Without having a goal it is very difficult to run a campaign. A campaign without a mission is bound to fail. The goal should be very specific. You cannot just say “Get more patients”, saying more specifically will be “Consulting 30 new patients this month”. By defining a clear and concise goal will help you in easily giving focus and achieving targets.

  1. Developing your own marketing funnel

We have a marketing funnel but are best left to the Mad Man. Your own marketing funnel should be created which will help you to be aware about what you want.

Some points that will help you in creating a funnel are:

  1. Awareness: Prove the people that you provide the best dental services. Show them that you’re the best professional. There should be a statement of profit so that the patient is targeted. This will lead to best magnet services.
  2. Interest: By the content that you are using it will show what interest you are creating for your patients. You should be providing some information which will interest for the patient. You should also be collecting the information that can be used for the future.
  3. Desire: You should be providing your contact details so that people can consult you. The patients already have the desire to contact you they just have an impetus to make that one call to you.
  4. Action: Once they have contacted you, make sure that you reach out to them and return their queries. Make sure that you give them an appointment for the required consultation. Taking an immediate action for this.
  1. Having a call to action

Call to action is one serious marketing game. They are the ones who will directly call you at the office. They are words or phrases that actually direct a person to call the office. It generally plays on the psychology of the page viewer, directing him towards calling or mailing. The call of action should be mentioned everywhere wherein they can clearly make the viewers fill a form or make a call. A simple line “Call us today for free consultation” is a great call to action.

  1. Developing a lead enticement

A lead is something where you can provide a webinar, e-book or an info-graphic you give in order to show that you are the dentist for them. It is one of the most common practices in marketing but not very common in dental marketing.  A dentist can give some oral care tips which will help in out in the future.

All the above strategies will help you to divert the website traffic towards you.

Being a dentist it comes down to some serious business but finding your leads is what you can do from digital marketing.

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