Documentation Matters!!

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Documentation plays an important role in any development process or in any project.
One of the Key Skills required for a BA is the ability to create clear and unambiguous documentation.
Importance of documentationSome of the documents created by a BA are:

  • Business requirement Document
  • Functional Requirement Specification
  • Use Cases/ Entity relationship Diagrams
  • Test Cases… and many more…

Importance of Documentation
Documentation comes to rescue if you are handling any escalation from the clients or do have any confusion about who is suppose to do what in a project or to know the best practice to solve any issue or which process to follow.
These different documentations help us to place the whole data that is scattered on mail or in different folders in one document this helps to have a glimpse of the data.
Tracking: The tracking of all the minute details can be done from here which help a lot during emergency situations and crisis.
These documents also help us create unambiguous operational tasks for all the teammates as well as help to manage the internal processes.
Analysis: The analysis part can also be managed from the various documents. The analysis of the processes followed can be done easily based on these documents, which otherwise is very difficult to calculate and may cost a lot.
Comparison: We do have many versions of a project so the detailed documentation help us for the comparison for each version which help us track all the improvements made for each version.
Training: We all know that training is integral part of the project completion where training is given to the resources for better understanding. The training documents can be created which can be used as a manual.
Marketing: These same documents can be simplified and can be made available for your sales team to help them understand the product and its functionality better and help them tackle the customer in a smart way.
With time and after handling variety of projects one gains experience to pen down or create these different documents.