Importance of Multi-Domain SEO Strategies and its Forms

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Digital marketers depend heavily on SEO for building sound brand presence. They are always on the look-out for tactics to boost their SEO & accomplish better search engine results.

Wondering what you could be doing to refine your existing SEO efforts?

Well, multiple domain strategy is one of the techniques to amplify online visibility and create a strong brand footprint. If you specialize in diversified products/services and want to rank separately for each of them then this out-of-the box strategy can be of great help.

Hi, I’m Ashish Dalia, CEO of IKF, a digital marketing company in India and today I will briefly apprise you of multi-domain strategy to help you use it for your business advantage.

So, let’s get started!

Why & When Multi-Domain Strategy is Needed

The simple and plain logic behind multi-domain working is -More websites & more URLs bring more opportunities to rank for your targeted keywords. Your presence on multiple domains increases the chances of users clicking on a result linked to Your site.

Although not a direct SEO approach, any SEO agency in India would agree that it can add value to your search engine positioning.

However, not all businesses need this strategy nor every business suits the bill. Here is a list of situations where multi domain plan is best suited to increase website traffic, sales and revenue:

Diversification or Addition to your brand: If you are dealing in different products or planning to add new ones to your brand, you cannot follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Serving varied audiences and niches will require you to offer more specific content suited to each segment. Multi-domain will help you promote each brand individually and gain relevant traffic for the related keywords.

Business Expansion to other regions: Firms with an established reputation that intend to sell services to more than one city can employ multi-domain for penetrating into new markets.New language or country versions of the website can be incorporated as subdomains or subdirectories/country-specific ccTLDs (top-level domains).

SERP domination: Another objective that you can achieve with a multi domain is dominating search results for a specific keyword. When a brand occupies several positions on SERP for a particular keyword it gains more clicks & traffic, and in the meantime also reduces clicks on competitors sites.

There are basically two types of multi-domain strategies. Providing digital marketing & SEO services in Pune, we have tried to split the two categories here for you. These include:

Creating microsites: This requires you to develop completely new sites.

Using 301 redirects: This means to redirect the old site’s link juice to the new one to take advantage of an existing audience.

4 Different Forms of Multi-Domain Strategy

When talking about multi-domain strategy, some questions are bound to appear. Should you set up a new domain or should you add sub-domains or just opt for subdirectories to your existing root domain?

Working as a reputed SEO company in India, we can guide you through this. Here is an overview of the different options:

1. Create a new domain: Build a new domain or create a micro-site around your existing brand. A fresh domain built from scratch takes time to establish authority and win customer faith. So, if you already have a strong root domain, then you can make the most from the existing network by using the more popular domains to support the smaller micro sites.

2. Develop ccTLDs: If you have a flourishing business in a particular country and are looking forward to business expansion in another country then creating separate Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) can be really useful. Country-specific domains can establish better customer relations as it represents regional or national characteristics adequately. This infers that topics & forms of address can differ from one country to another.

3. Use Sub domain: Sub-domain is a part of your existing website that is distinguished from the primary one by conferring unique identity & content to it. Companies operating in diverse international markets or those planning to set up separate websites targeted towards certain countries/regions can utilize sub domains. Firms may also use these for creating mobile-based variations for their primary website.

4. Sub-directories: These are specific additions made to the existing, leading domain to cater a specific language or country. Also known as sub-folders, these directories foster authority of your website without requiring you to start from ground zero.

Wrap –Up: As experts offering SEO services in India , we understand that well-managed SEO and multiple domain strategy together can take your marketing campaign to the next level. However, it’s important to bear in mind that nothing can be achieved overnight. So, keep patience and make sure to hire the right SEO services for promising outcomes.

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