Integrating Content Marketing to your Company’s DNA

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As customer journey continues to evolve with time, marketers look for more dynamic and versatile approach. Engaging different departments in the creation and proliferation of marketing messages is a lucrative method that even content marketing companies vouch for.

Making different departments a part of your content marketing plan helps capture customers at all stages of their journey and ensures optimum results. The idea is integrating content marketing as a way of life for your company instead of a one-off effort.

As an eminent digital marketing and website development company in Pune, IKF has always been keen on adopting innovative and creative strategies for business promotion. When it comes to content marketing, we reiterate embracing different perspectives for expanding your business tentacles.

Let see how we can achieve this.

Encourage and guide cross-functional contributions to content marketing:

While consumers get used to the tonality of marketing voices, offering a different perspective can offer a fresh outlook. Invite other departments to make content contribution. Known for top-rated content marketing in India, we believe that cohesive content marketing across company functionalities can help create an effective style guide.

To achieve this, define attributes and voice of your content. This could be technical, conversational, serious or even goofy. Let the author understand the exact tonality so that the produced piece is in line with the marketing objective. Give freedom to pick topics they consider useful for the target audience from their perspective.

On boarding professionals from sales or finance or customer service will enable presentation of different useful information that even marketing might fail to offer.

Along the same lines, it’s helpful to offer guidance when needed, but avoid stifling creativity or perspectives. Just edit the content for grammatical errors, facts, and more objective elements of writing. Allow the essence of the content to stand on its own merit

Broaden your content definition:

As experts of digital marketing company in Pune, we suggest expanding your content approach for integrating your content marketing into your business lifestyle. Content is not just limited to blogs and whitepapers. Think beyond these peripheries.  Leverage other elements like email, video, professional social media, and more for your content marketing.

Rope in other departments to garner insights to know what is working for them. Hold discussions to explore what exactly works well when they are emailing clients and prospective buyers, which posts on their professional social media is bringing in new leads, which videos are gaining more views etc.

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Well, there are multiple ways of integrating content marketing to your company’s DNA but one of the key drivers to this strategy is spreading content marketing essence across the company. This would need involving different aspects in strategy, ideation, creation, and dissemination of content marketing.

For any help concerning content marketing call us and we assure you of fool-proof formula.