Know How to Repurpose Your Existing Content


Consumers today are driven by self-purchase model based on information easily available online. Hence, marketers and content marketing companies focus on quality and meaningful content that can drive in desired traffic. But creating and publishing new content every time is a daunting task. So, what is the solution? Well, repurposing your old content is a smart marketing technique that can add breath of fresh air to your online content.

In fact, repurposing is the best way to maximize your demand generation leads while saving time and resources. To optimize the return on content investment, businesses must stop thinking of content as one-time investment and start developing repurposing mindset to expand the reach and increase the value of content over time.


Repurpose your Blog:

Blogs are one of the most important lead generation tools. Experts of digital marketing company in India and elsewhere recommend adopting repurposing method to give a new lease of life to the existing blog posts. They emphasize on promoting existing blog contents through changing their formats and putting them across different marketing channels.

You can pick up old posts and use these repurposing techniques for reusing and capitalizing them:

  • Make social media graphics out of important points. Quote graphics for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr.
  • Include video or infographic to add visual appeal to your content and share these visuals on social media.
  • Create a slide share presentation.
  • Screen capture portions of your blog and post the graphics to your brand’s social media pages.
  • Consider creating an e-book of your top performing blog posts.
  • Create a PDF of your top blog posts and offer it for download. This is an excellent way to expand your email list while adding to the value of your posts.

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Repurpose Graphics:

While you decide to create graphics, consider your repurposing strategy. Ask yourself how any of the following repurposing options are you currently using?

  • Posting each graphic to different social media platforms
  • Embedding info graphic alongside a post, posted to social networks, directories, highlighted in multi-media presentation or Slide Share presentation.
  • Offering your most popular images and icons for promotional sales and in different formats like coffee mugs, mouse pads etc.

Turning Informative Page into Video:

If you have a well-researched and informative post or a resource page like glossary, consider breaking down the sections of the page into short videos and then publish it on YouTube. This will make your content more noticeable, clickable and shareable.

Besides the above mentioned techniques you can also try the following repurposing methods:

  • Create an e-book from a video and place it on your website as gated content
  • Use testimonials for case studies
  • Use statistics from your articles for promotion
  • Turn a Slide Presentation into a GIF
  • Repackage content in newsletter and more.

To make content more relevant to the existing customers and for engaging the new users, repurposing is the right way to go for. It not merely confirms to the efficient use of time and money but also ensures greater returns on your initial investment. Moreover, you can target prospects at different stages in the sales funnel.

Content marketing when done rightly can make a whole lot of difference to your content promotion and traffic inflow. This is the reason why majority of the business firms, irrespective of the sizes today prefer hiring content marketing services.

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