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LinkedIn a Tool to Convert Your Network to Networth…. Get Aligned.

As we all know LinkedIn is a professional networking site, it allows professionals to establish connection within their known and prospective connects.

Hello, my name is Ashish Dalia. I’m a passionate digital marketer here at I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd; today I’m going to share my experience about how to grow your LinkedIn network. I’m assuming, you already have a LinkedIn profile. It doesn’t matter that you have a few or countless connections. However, everyone wants to expand their outreach, isn’t that right?

Now, there are a few basic techniques I think we should cover it first. LinkedIn is the only portal where professional across the globe are registered.

Building connections on LinkedIn is a simple task; however, on the other hand it’s the most tedious task as well in case you are not aware of the basic hygiene of using this platform.

Below I have listed few ways to increase your connections;

  1. Your School, College and work mates, they are most likely to be excited to connect with you immediately
  2. Synchronize phone contact and Email Id details with LinkedIn which will allows you to access related contacts immediately
  3. Start sending invitations to people you may know and interact with them on frequent basis. These people could be your Social, Professional, colleagues, classmates, tuition mates, college buddies, customers, people whom you met before or still in touch with
  4. Don’t SPAM… Yes, in this case LinkedIn would block you. If LinkedIn blocks you it is difficult to claim your account back. Be Cautious about it. People typically under excitement and enthusiasm forget this basic thing and land up losing account

This will be the foundation for your connections on LinkedIn. And the more you grow your Connections, the more people you’re connected with through multiple or indirect connections.

Recap for your quick reference:

  1. Have a strong professional profile created on LinkedIn
  2. Start building your network
  3. Join and own multiple groups
  4. Endorse your network and get endorsement.

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Thank you.
Ashish Dalia