Benefits of Marketing Your Ads from Google Partners

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It is hard to determine whether some agency claiming to be an expert in SMM or pay per click is actually so. Companies get taken for a ride and realize the truth when it is too late. Unfortunately, this scenario is not a rare occurrence but an everyday one.

Enter the superhero of the digital world.



The company that many of us can instantly identify with, having grown up with it. To counter this problem, Google recently came up with the Premier Google Partner Badge that can be earned by advertisers who have passed the criteria to become a Google Partner and have also met the higher performance and spending requirements.

Enter IKF – the super digital marketing firm in western India.

Being a Google Partner means that IKF is fully equipped to help you with Adword campaigns, SEO and advertising budgeting decisions. IKF has earned this badge by having employees certified in Adwords, having handled a relatively large ad spend every 90 days, and continuously meeting Google’s standards to maintain partner status.

As Google Partners, we are well-versed with Adwords and are devoted digital warriors for a host of high spending clients – clients who are extremely satisfied with the kind of service we have been providing – strictly adhering to the standards set for the Google Partners.


What it means to have a Google Partner certified agency on-board:

1. Experience how it is to work with Certified Analysts and Account Managers:

Any company that has earned the Google Partners status will have on its rooster employees who are Google Partner certified. In our case, it is Google Adwords certification. Google ensures that these badges are current and that the agency meets Google’s Account Management best practices.

2. Conversant with Masters of Adwords features:

The agency must have an expert understanding of the AdWords features and also know how they can use it to make the client profitable. Our certified employees are expected to be a master in the use of negative keywords, split testing with Adwords, ad scheduling, phrase match keywords, site link inside of ads, broad match modified keywords, and many more.

3. Become an expert with a Beta feature well before the competition:

After Google has come up with a new feature or application, the Google Partner can test and use it for a complete year before it is made available for the general public. You can very well guess the gains that you can make by using Google’s marketing features well before anyone else.

4. No standing in queue for a Google Partner:

Google Partners who come with a relatively large ad spend can have their very own Google Agency Team that they can get in touch with, when a client has a certain issue that has become tough to crack. For instance, imagine that your site has a problem with malware and your Adwords campaign is shut down and you keep losing money until the campaign is activated. In this situation, your Adwords campaign will never be allowed to shut down when you have a Google Agency Team working alongside you.

5. PPC Best Practices are yours to keep learning and using:

Maintaining the Google Partner status is a must and agency members must keep up by taking certification exams in Adwords Fundamentals, Shopping, Video, Mobile advertising, Search, Display etc. They are also invited to attend free training sessions to learn the latest PPC practices.

6. Experimentation by targeting:

Google Adwords Partners are required to show that they are employing best practices. This may involve participating in split testing on ads to attract the maximum number of customers to the client’s website. They must ensure that there are multiple ads per campaign group with several keywords and messaging. Experimentation is welcomed by Google by targeting various demographics that fall into a client’s target market.

An agency that does not employ best practices can have their badge removed. This keeps agencies on their toes when it comes to keeping up with standards set by Google, irrespective of the date on which the Partner Status was achieved.

That is why, when you work with IKF, you not only get a Google Partner who is always updated and ahead of the curve, but also a partner who is equally inspired on its own to service the client to the best of its ability.

Interested to up the bar with a Google Partner on-board? Let’s meet up and you will see the difference in the expertise, scope of work and updated knowledge that comes with a Google Partner.

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