Native App Vs Cross Platform App Development – Know the Best Fit for your Business!

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Tips to Make your Website Migration a Success
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Make Your Web Design More Impactful With Right Use Of Images. Visual presentation of your website is an integral part of the web appeal. The importance of visual representation has only grown over the years. Today’s Y generation prefers graphic-based communication over text-based. This skewing towards visuals is well-supported too. According to various studies 80% people remember what they see than what they read. Hence, this is proven that if you use your images judiciously on your website, you have better chances of getting your message to the target audience. Even the most complex messages can be conveyed in the blink of an eye. For instance, the visuals of a hotel room instantly give the visitor an idea of the room décor and some of its amenities without the need of scanning through the entire descriptions. As a digital marketing and web design company in Pune, we look at web images as a great opportunity for a business to engage and influence its audience. How images can benefit your website presence? It helps bring your product to life and improves chances of sales by highlighting your brand. It ensures more clicks and views by attracting attention of the visitors and offering vital info in a digestible way. Images when accompanied with caption or description with relevant keywords can help you attain higher search engine ranking too. So, how do you use images in your web design to get maximum advantage? Ace originality with authentic images. If you want to build a strong communication between your visitors and your brand, you must be able to create a powerful impression. This can be achieved by using captivating and authentic images. Depending upon your site requirement, you may need different images for every page, subpage and even a post. Make sure to opt for authentic images that are customized to meet your specific requirements. Avoid using overused stock images, images that lack quality, and filler images. Instead, go for high-quality original pictures that represent actual places, objects, or beings. Infographics too, are ‘good to-go’ options. When you design your site, don’t just focus on using images. While pics are great for enhancing the experience on your website, you can also try some infographics. Highly preferred by businesses, these are visual elements that showcase facts, statistics, and other important information in an intriguing way that’s provokes interest. Master the art of cropping and scaling. Do you know that fully-responsive websites can create havoc with images if you fail to cater to different screen formats and aspect ratios? Hence, once sure about your image selection, use appropriate tools for cropping and scaling the images that perfectly match with your web requirements. Now, that calls for a careful balancing act. As a web design company in Mumbai, we suggest cropping and scaling on images such that it draws the user's attention to the central focus of the graphic while ruling out too much unnecessary dead space. Make use of captions. Captions matter a lot and hence must be given due attention. Adding a caption to or inserting the caption within the photo enhances the value of the posted image. A clear and powerful caption makes the context of the image compressible and takes the users closer to your point. Take away. There are multiple ways to enhance the user experience of a website and images are one of the most effective ones when it comes to web designing. We all love images. So, even if your web design is excellent but it lacks suitable visuals it can turn to be dull and drab. If you want to have an outstanding website that attracts, engages and triggers response from the user, then make sure to use meaningful and optimized images for web design. The above mentioned suggestions are just tip of the iceberg, for more ideas on web designing contact IKF – the trusted web design company in India. Our expert team has the knack of making websites more interesting and engaging through effective images. A full-service digital marketing company in Pune, we specialize in customized web designs. So, wait no longer, call us today for a free consultation session and experience the pleasure of working with thorough professionals.

We’re living in the digital era where even the most critical decisions are taken over the Internet and mobile apps. From the business perspective, digital competitiveness and adaptation of the latest technology is no longer an option or choice but a necessity. 

According to a survey, the annual number of app downloads worldwide is likely to touch 299 billion by 2023, which is an up from approximately 247 billion global app downloads in 2020.

Given that applications today serve as the fuel for propelling business, it’s important to understand the two most common app making approaches– native app development and cross-platform app development.

The two approaches differ from each, with their own sets of strengths and limitations. To figure out which one is better for your business, let’s dive into the basics of the two.

As a web development and mobile app development company in Pune, the IKF truly understands the role of choosing right platforms & apps for generating desired results. Hence, in this blog, we’ll try to throw somelight on the native app and cross-platform app so that you can make an informed choice.

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Tips to help you choose the perfect app framework for your business!

What is a native app and what are its advantages?

Native Apps are primarily the apps developed for a particular platform, say iOS, Android or windows. The native mobile app promises an excellent user experience in terms of the appearance & feel of the application. As it can employ the primary smartphone hardware elements like GPS, camera, microphone, etc, the developers have greater scope to add more capabilities and features to the apps.


  • Offline functionality enabled
  • High speed
  • Optimized performance
  • Higher application security
  • Limited bug risks
  • More intuitive and interactive

When to consider native app development?

Native app is best for those who want an app that is

  • Highly responsive and fully functional.
  • Ideal for catering for a specific set of audiences (when you know exactly which device your target customers use like Android only/ iOS only).
  • Apt for upgrades and improvements -advanced features like AR/VR, games etc are easy to install while maintaining a smooth user experience.
  • Compatible with all phone resources and operating system features.

What is cross-platform app?

Cross-platform app development refers to creating a single code base app that can run on multiple platforms of smartphones including Android and iOS. According to statistics of a report, over 98% of the mobile users in the world use either Android or iOS as their core operating system. Hence, its a smart option for entrepreneurs to go for solution like cross platform app that can satisfy the needs of both groups.

Pros of cross-platform app

  • Quick development
  • Easy app support and maintenance
  • Easier to target larger customers at one go.

When to choose cross-platform app?

Following are some of the situations where cross-platform apps emerge to be the winner.

  • When you want to tap several markets without having to create separate apps.
  • When you are looking for a quick and cost-effective app development option.
  • When your requirement doesn’t include complex animation or extensive calculation operations.
  • When internet connectivity is not an issue.
  • When your need is restricted purely to information or content distribution.

Concluding Words:

If the above content has helped you make up your mind in favor of any of the apps, our purpose is rightly served. But if still confused over the battle between native app VS cross-platform app then place your trust in the team of experienced web developers at IKF – the leading mobile app development company in Pune. We understand that every business has its unique set of requirements and challenges to address. Hence, we offer tailored solutions including native and cross-platform apps that perfectly meet the unique needs of each enterprise.

For more details book a free consultation with our experts today!