The New Rules of Customer Engagement

3 min read

Game changer. Someone whose dramatic entry into the plot just capsizes everything – topples those who were comfortably warming thrones, and basically changes the course of a seemingly smooth going narrative. You must think I’m talking about a young entrepreneur or a startup company that probably sewed up a delicious deal with a magnanimous venture capital, but unfortunately, I’m not. The said game changer is none other than the customer himself.

The customer is in true sense of the word – the king, a wise one I’d say. He knows his onions, keeps his ears to the ground, expresses his opinions clearly, and is gracious than ever should your product or service tick off all the right boxes, which in other words means having him by your side isn’t a goose play.

If you are able to engage your customer in the right way, not only will you have earned his loyalty but you will have turned him into your brand proponent, which is just too amazing! But this awesome transformation doesn’t just happen overnight or over one product purchase but is a careful brewing and coming together of various elements. The dynamics between a digital company and its customers are ever-evolving, so it’s quite natural that the pursuer should know how to catapult itself into its pursuer’s notice.


So, here are some of the new rules of the game –

Tailor-made and targeted messages

Your customers are smarty pants, more than you think they are. They won’t fall for banal and uninspiring greetings/bargains/messages/mailers or any marketing ruse to get them to choose you versus the many others. With incredible advances in analytics, by dint of which you can plumb the depths of customer interaction and engagement – it would be a spectacular futile if you still pulled generic tricks to get your customers’ attention. It’s time to get bespoke – personalize messages – get as much granular as you can and make your customers feel that you truly care for them through the way you talk to them.

Experiential is the word to live by

Experiential marketing isn’t a buzzword anymore but it’s a necessary philosophy that you need to embrace. The bigwigs are doing it and so are the newbie’s. Your physical marketing activities need to be supplemented with engaging, entertaining, and informative digital content that will keep your followers intrigued and leave them wanting for more and did you think about the pure and kosher power that comes with user generated content? There’s nothing more genuine and appealing and credible than a customer swelling in appreciation about you on any social platform. Well, of course for that to happen you have to be a shadow (in a non interrupting way I mean), reassure them of your shared vision, and steer them gracefully through various activities and interactions.

Become a predictor

Your work doesn’t just stop at mapping and executing digital campaigns but to observe keenly the challenges that can arise in your customers’ minds. You need to anticipate problems, think what next your customers would want from you, build relevant questionnaire, shoot them, gain insights, and spark off engagement across various social platforms.