9 Best Viral Marketing Tactics

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Viral literally means something that spreads like a virus. Something that spreads as fast and leaves an imprint on those who witness it, comes under the viral category. On the same lines, marketing done as much effectively will encourage consumers to buy the product/ service. Viral marketing is thus, spreading information through word-of-mouth using primarily the internet. It would thus include the following means to the best of advantage.

  1.     Articles

Writing articles pertaining to the product/service, giving reviews and mostly endorsing it helps a long way. Traditionally, articles through magazines and newspapers have now been replaced by the same on internet through blog posts. Honesty and authenticity is a key in these matters. Readers should not feel cheated after reading the article. Also the quality of writing should be good and language, simple so that it can reach maximum people.

  1.     Radio and television

Another traditional method of marketing that is used even today. This is all the more effective when influential people endorse the product/service. Initiatives by the Government of India to rope in actors to spread awareness regarding cleanliness, hygiene, women’s health is an example of this sort. These ways also reach to the people who cannot read or write or have limited access to the internet. The target audience will differ in this case but will provide a better outreach.

  1.     Videos

Today the easiest and most effective method of marketing is videos. They can be shared over social networks, television etc. and have a good outreach too. Entertaining videos are shared frequently and bring better traffic to the website. It can be easily shared/ downloaded. Increasing use of smartphones is a boon to circulating videos. One can be very innovative in these matters and impart education and values along with promoting a product/service. Heart-warming videos, happy or cute ones are remembered and watched again. This indirectly leads to reinforcement endorsement of the product/service. Interactive flash games can also be used.

  1.     Social network

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a tool for marketing teams. They are the most effective ways in terms of marketing and make the effort viral in literal sense. It hardly takes a few minutes to reach over thousands of people across the world. It also hints at latest and frequent updates. This causes repetition in case of viewers who would see the post if they happened to ignore it earlier.

  1.      Images

It is an established fact that the human brain understands and grasps better visually than through other sensory organs. To prove this, children prefer books with attractive pictures, adults these days prefer movies and videos over books flowcharts, and infographics aid understanding of complex concepts over long monotonous articles. Ample use of images is recommended in articles too. Only putting up images on social network sites can speak volumes and attract viewers towards checking the main website.

  1.     Right time

A research stated that most people socialize in person or virtually after their working hours. This indicates that posting content on the internet between 6-8pm can have better viewership than other hours of the days. This time should be put to best use for uploading articles, videos, images etc on social networking sites for better viewership.

  1.   Emotional and unpredictable content

The thumb rule for marketing is strong content. However, one can and should take liberty to be innovative and come up with unpredictable ways. One would not relate to sleeping for additional five minutes and adult diapers. However, #BasPaanchMinuteAur (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxa8VqQXnrM&feature=youtu.be) is a video which encourages you to think in that way. It also touches hearts giving a reality appeal.

  1.   Challenging the intellect

Human ego is in constant need to be pacified. It can be done virtually too. Quizzes that challenge the intellect or questions which make one think, are tools for the generation today. When one is pleased with their self, they may consider the product/service. One instantly relates to something which pleases him/her. Making people feel important enables them to surf further through the website.

  1.   Endorsement by famous and important people

When experts of an industry talk about a product/service, it provides natural attention to it. We always prefer to buy medicines of a brand the doctors suggest simply because we believe that he knows more than us. Similarly, professionals in the field talking well about a service/product build trust and willingness to try it out. An example could be of dietician Rujuta Diwekar. She ensures that her client, Kareena Kapoor Khan is present at her book launches and also mentions a foreword in most of her books. This has helped her build a fanbase, especially in her initial years. Most of the readers who happened to be fans of Kareena Kapoor Khan gave a benefit to Ms Diwekar.
It can hence be said that one can use above tactics to attract the audience. It also implies upgrading knowledge and technology as per the respective scenario. A fantastic example is seen on Amul posters. They talk on a variety of topics like cricket, government policies, movies, current affairs and always conclude by adding witty and catchy lines pertaining to their own product.