Organic Vs. Paid Social Media Marketing. Which One Do You Need in 2020?

Organic Vs. Paid Social Media Marketing by IKF

Today, social media marketing in India has become an industry in itself. It offers a multitude of tools to get your campaigns across your target audience.  Every option it offers is so dynamic and rich in its functioning that an entire campaign strategy can be formulated around it.

For example; Like-Ads.  Like-Ads is a Paid Marketing feature on Facebook which allows increasing the number of likes on your page, as there is an actual like button embedded in your ads.

But to fully reap the benefits of every feature, you need to understand them at a fundamental level, the main purpose of it and the results that can be expected from it. Generally, all features are categorized under 2 main types; Paid marketing and Organic marketing. These 2 terms categorize different features from a spending perspective.  But there’s a lot more to it than you think. Both categories have their own unique benefits and purposes, which needs to be well understood in order to attain optimum engagement on social media.

So let’s understand Organic Vs. Paid marketing in detail

Organic Marketing:

Organic, like the word suggests, means natural… letting things happen on their own. Organic marketing entails the use of free tools on social media to make ad postings and interact with people who respond to it, to build a community. This is the most basic of all digital marketing agency in Mumbai.

The purpose of Organic Marketing:

Organic allows you to build an image for your brand in a slow and steady manner. Ideally, you would be required to make ad postings that contain highly informative, engaging or inspiring content that can naturally grab the attention of the viewers. These ads will automatically appear in the feeds of everyone who are following your page.  Once people start liking your content, you can start posting more specific content that boasts about your brand and highlights the USPs.
As the content engagement increases, you can also start interacting with your followers via comments made on your posts or via personal DMs as they would probably be interested in learning more about your product.  Organic stands as an exciting opportunity because people usually get irritated by sponsored ads [paid posts] or boosted ads on their feeds. They love seeing something appearing on their feeds naturally for a change.

What kind of Organic Marketing ads can you run?

Organic allows you to do a variety of fun stuff. You can create informative posts, trivia posts related to your brand or industry, awareness posts, videos etc.  You can also create posts that promote your blogs [posted on your website or elsewhere] via simple posts with eye-catching visuals.

The results of Organic Marketing

Natural brand building. People get to see your creativity; the exciting ideas you share that makes them curious or intrigued to try your product/service.  Plus, people always trust something that they voluntarily react to, unlike paid ads. This generates a lot of genuine interest in your page and helps in creating a strong social community of brand loyalists and increasing brand awareness.


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Paid Marketing:

Paid marketing happens when your brand is ready to take the next step or go a step further.  Paid ads are basically ads that are forced into people’s feeds so that they don’t miss it. These are ads that can be targeted towards specific people based on different demographics, for a specific amount of money.

The purpose of Paid Marketing:

Paid marketing works best for boosting sales, acquiring more leads in smaller timeframes and ad-hoc promotions. As the ads are sponsored, you don’t have to work too hard on creating creative content. People will be engaged anyway as they will be repeatedly targeted [depends on your ad run settings] with the ads.

The ads are helpful in generating a large number of leads or increasing conversions, as they are clickable. You can link your websites or e-commerce pages with your ads. The money charged depends on the ad model used by the platform.  Most platform use a pay-per-click model i.e. you pay for the amount of clicks your ad gets.

What kind of Paid Marketing ads can you run?

You can run a plethora of ads.  For starters, you can run boost ads for your existing organic ads on a platform like Facebook. This will boost your brand’s presence on the platform. Then you can go for lead-generation ads which can be developed from a very straightforward perspective i.e. content that says exactly what you want like “50 % off on shoes”, “discount on all new products” or “try the best Italian in town” etc.

You can also go for the video ads which are typically 10-15 seconds long.  You can plan for such video ads separately, or even re-use existing video ads by shortening/editing it to fit the social media platform’s video ad guidelines. Any established social media marketing agency in Mumbai will offer you this service.

The results of Paid Marketing:

Quantified results!  If you have goals or targets that are quantified in nature, then paid marketing is the way to go. With advanced paid marketing tools on all social media platforms, it is very easy to track and monitor all your ad spends, engagements and ad clicks. This, in turn, makes it very convenient to measure your ROIs and offers adequate data to deem paid marketing worthy of the spends.

So, paid or organic marketing? Which one do you need!  Actually, you need both. You need both at different times and at different scenarios.  The more important choice you need to make is, the platform you choose for ads.  You need to find out where can you easily find a target audience and make a strong community/following out of it.
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