PPC for Festive Season

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According to Yourstory Research, the festive month accounts for 30-40% of a year’s sale for e-commerce companies. The recent example is where Flipkart made a one-day record of Rs 1.4k crore in sales during Big Billion Day Sale.
With festive season around; Verticals like electronics, home, kitchen and furniture would be having traction.
Here is how you can make this festive season a success for your brand.
Search Ads
Plan various moments where in you think that people would be searching for your product and create customised ads according to the keyword.
For example:  Diwali offers on Mobiles , Gifting Ideas for Diwali etc.

 Image Courtesy: Google Ads

With COUNTDOWN you are able to customise ads real time for e.g. you could just insert date the special festive offer would be ending and you get ads which highlight days left for the offer to expire.


Remarketing List for Search Ads: RLSA helps you to be in front of people who have already reached us and been to our site. These people can be shown various deals again to increase the interest so that they can come back and purchase. This is one of the powerful ways to connect with right and valuable people and provide customised ads.
Google Display Network helps you to reach out to people who have specific interests and are browsing various sites where the potential customer exists. Be it on Website, Blog, Mobile Apps, Videos any such destinations that show AdWords Ads.
With In-Market Audience we can reach people who are actively searching for similar products like ours and are interested in purchases.
Image Ads: Image ads can be used to capture attention as people browse various relevant sites.  The Image ads should have Call to Action Button, USP’s, Discounts, Logo and Images.
This is an example where L’OREAL is doing a festive promotion.

Image Courtesy: Google Ads

Rich Media Ads: These are images ads with interactive elements, animations.
E.g. an Ad with carousel of products that moves.

YouTube Ads: You can leverage the power of video campaign with the help of this platform. The ads appear on YouTube, Video Partner Sites and apps across the display network.
True View video discovery Ads: This format is used to promote on search results page, watch page and homepage of YouTube. You are charged only when users choose to watch the ad and not the random impressions.
Bumper Ads: These ads are of 6 sec or lesser and are suitable for smartphone users. The reach is great for these ads and is best for brand awareness campaigns.
We have been doing some great festive based promotional campaign via Google Ad Words. Choose the network to showcase ads wisely depending upon the objectives you have to fulfil and we are here to help you with the same. As the festive season is here, this is the time to make the most of it. Cheers!
Contact sales@ikf.co.in to come up with specific festive promotional campaign for your brand.