7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very practical marketing channel that can bring qualified leads and customers to your business.It is now a proven fact that SEO can have better returns on investment as compared to traditional forms of marketing.7-Reasons-Why-Your-Business-Should-Invest-In-SEO
In 2016, SEO needs to be part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

Here are 7 reasons for including SEO in a digital marketing plan.

  1. High Returns on Investment

Although it is hard to predict the SEO performance and it requires time and resources, it can have the highest ROI than any other online tool. A website, which ranks at the top in search engine results page can receive as much as 33% of the engagement from internet users. Companies that get the most out of popular search queries and generate highly-visited web pages, have higher potential of generating an exponentially increasing ROI.

  1. Benefit from Social Media and Blog Sites

A well-managed SEO campaign can help in getting a lot of traction to a company’s social media and blog sites. Blogs and social media take link building to the next level. Blogs and social media sites are ranked on their amount of visits, likes, shares, and comments.

  1. The Foundation for Email Marketing,Banner Ad and PPC Campaigns

Even though content marketing helps in gaining customer engagement, email marketing, banner ads, and PPC campaigns still play a vital role in the overall digital marketing strategy. Even if successful email and SEO campaigns need a huge commitment of time, resources, and constant adjustment for matching market trends, their payoff is worth the investment.

  1. Increased Mobile Searches

Nowadays, largest percentage of traffic is accounted by mobile devices. As most of the mobile searches are businesses in the customer’s locality, it has opened up a new world of possibilities for effective search engine optimization like local search optimization.

  1. Video Advertising to take the Top Spot

Social media and various other forms of content marketing are gaining ground on the original forms of online advertising. In the past few years,engagement rates of video advertising have skyrocketed.Thus, video advertising is likely to become the most-used form of advertising in upcoming years. The most famous and liked videos will be built around SEO keywords and shared and linked in ways that optimize traffic and improve the ranking for that brand.

  1. Search Engines Preferred for Information

Most of the customers check reviews online before making a purchase. People prefer searching for services and products online. Do you want to get noticed? Do you want your potential customer to be able to locate your business?  Without organic SEO, it will be very hard for people to find you. Chances are that your prospect will instead find your competitors.

  1. Healthy Content Profile

With every update, Google and other search engines change the way of looking at websites.A bad content profile spread out over months and years damages a business, because it is one of the major factors that Google assesses.
By knowing this, several enterprises have started investing in search engine optimization. It has now become a key to success and is one of the most important components of a company’s online presence and branding efforts.
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