Debunking SEO Myths That are Stopping You From Winning!

SEO expert in India debunking SEO myths

SEO can be a complex maze for many beginners as well many experienced professionals. It is an area of digital marketing that evolves and grows faster than any other segment. It is really important to stay on the pulse with the latest updates, trends and features that are being rolled out, in order to stay relevant with your SEO Campaigns. As an SEO expert in India, we believe as new SEO ideas and techniques come into play, there are a lot of facts that need to be recognized by SEO professionals. And where facts need to be strictly followed, it’s very easy to succumb to the powerful myths that float all around the digital platforms.

A tiny step can cause humungous harm

It may seem that even if one falls into the myth trap, it’s just a mistake that can be easily undone. Well, a tiny mistake in SEO can do more damage that one can even imagine. One wrong step can set off a cascading effect of wrong-doings, leading to massive failure. So, before you take the risk of doing something drastic without checking its validity, think again and review the following myths for THEIR actual facts.

SEO expert in India explaining SEO myths

5 top SEO myths and their facts;

1. SEO is all about buying links:

This a common misconception that goes around. Buying links is bad. In fact, it is completely against Google’s Webmaster guidelines. This is quite dangerous as it can create serious impediments to your business’ online growth. Links are built over time via publishing quality content and conducting off-page SEO activities. This is a core part of our SEO services in Pune .

2. Keywords is everything:

Keywords definitely play a large role in SEO, but they are not the end-all factor. Google relies on about 200 factors to rank a site. If you just focus on keywords, you are missing out on loads of areas to improve your SEO results. There are a variety of things to take care of, like content, website architecture, HTML, trust, and social reputation.

3. Quantity outweighs quality:

Yet another perilous misconception! People are hell bent on publishing more and more content just for the sake of getting better rankings, and more traction from search engine crawlers. The truth is, search engine algorithms have gotten a lot smarter. They can easily recognize high-quality content and separate them generic and repetitive content. High-quality content is often rewarded and ranked better. The smarter plan is to take your time to make sure of the content in one blog post rather than rushing out with multiple posts.

4. SEO results are instant

To put it simply, SEO is an on-going and a never-ending process. Period. Even if you write the most brilliant and creative blog post, target the most high-volume keywords, implement a through meta data structure and have an articulate website schema in place, it's not necessary that you’ll get your desired results. It may take a month or even 5 months to get to that point. That’s why, it is crucial for you to continuously optimize content and update your SEO strategies regularly to keep driving traffic towards your business

5. SEO is a one-time thing

It's sad to see many people still staying under the illusion that SEO is a one-time activity that’ll get them what they need. Like mentioned in the above point, SEO is an ever-evolving effort where you need to constantly work on various aspects. As an SEO company in Mumbai , we believe that this misconception has led to the fall of organic search traffic for many businesses. This is mainly due to negligence and lack of continuous effort. Continually maintaining your SEO efforts is essential because of:

  • a. Link degradation (a.k.a. link rot)
  • b. Need to publish new pages
  • c. Changing search engine algorithms
  • d. The competition moving ahead of you
  • e. Outdated content

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