What is More Effective, SEO or PPC?

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Like many mysteries like what came first Chicken or Egg, corporates are finding it difficult to come to a conclusion as “What is more effective SEO or PPC”. The truth is the term “SEO or PPC” itself is not appropriate, as a matter of fact “SEO & PPC” is the correct term. But before jumping into any conclusion let’s analyze both these digital marketing avenues briefly.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the technique of optimizing a website with the norms of search engine, so that its visibility and ranking consistently improves and ultimately there is subsequent rise in traffic on the website.
Now a days, every business is competing with each other stringently, there is hardly any Unique Selling Point (USP) which remains the constant USP for long. The key is to dominate the search engine for the searches which are related to your products or services. SEO is an organic process (search engines don’t charge for SEO) which takes time to show results but in the long run is a very effective tool for businesses to survive and thrive further. If you have a very decent website but it does not have visibility on the web, how will it add any value to your business?
Yet, SEO is the basic requirement of any website which will drive more visits to a site that convert into sales.
Pay Per Click (PPC)  Pay Per Click
The most crucial factor for any organization is TIME, as more delays you do while penetrating into the market, more doors you open for your competitors to enter and dominate.
Yet, how would you like your ad is visible ONLY to them who are searching relevant products or services you are offering? Sounds interesting? Then PPC is meant for you. PPC can even help a start-up to be on first page of search engine on the day they are starting their operations. Here you can compete with the existing giants or even dominate with correct bidding and ad practices.
PPC involves dedicated media buying, and is instant. It also provides banner ad options where in TG specific category websites can be targeted and hence, offers push marketing as well. Therefore, PPC in its own way is a very essential.
On the other hand, re-marketing concept is helping brands to target visitors who once came to your website or landing page, now even if they are surfing other websites these visitors are seeing banner ads of your products or services.
Below I have shared few important tips to select a right tool for your business;

  1. Identify nature of your business, and analyze buying habits, inquiry pattern of your customers
  2. Select feasible option based on the budget (if you hire an agency, only agency charge applies for SEO, but for PPC charges includes agency charge + media buying)
  3. Identify urgency (You are looking for leads instantly, or can wait for a permanent solution)
  4. The ticket size: make sure whether ticket size of your product or service is suitable for PPC

Ideally the best practice is to start SEO & PPC simultaneously, until SEO brings you ranking PPC is providing you leads, and once SEO has brought you visibility you should reduce the media spends on PPC. So my advice is go for SEO + PPC.
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