7 Must Have Social Media Extensions For Better Results

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Even the most experienced social media marketer struggles while managing the work. For businesses social media is all about how fast you can deliver the relevant information, share engaging content and retain the user (customers).
Below are the useful Google Chrome Extensions for social media marketers and managers to automate their work and to increase the productivity at workplace.


Social media marketers are normal people too; they do have some interest and likes. For instance people like music, photography, sports and entertainment. Just because they get paid to use social media sites does not mean they do not waste time. As name suggests, StayFocused is an extension that helps you stay focused and productive on work by restricting the amount of time you spend on certain websites. Sites that you look and visit instead of doing work. With this Google extension you can block certain content, videos and images, an entire site or a specific page.


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People do make mistakes, but constant mistakes can damage the reputation of the brand. In this case, using Google’s extension Grammarly can save your day. It can help catch the errors, including an incorrect word, a spelling mistake, and a missing article before a noun or an incorrect sentence.

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This Google extension lets you schedule and share any blog post or page with connected profiles. The extension also captures the title of the page and images associated with it. With this powerful extension you can put your tweets and Facebook posts in queue and schedule re-shares.

Other useful alternative to Buffer extensions:

  • Hootsuite:
  • Shareaholic:
  • Sprout Social:


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One of the most important Google extensions used for creating, sharing and tracking shortened links. Bitly is pretty famous among digital marketers and has all the standard features you would need from a link shortener. It allows you to custom short of the URL, analytics and easy to copy and share buttons.
Bitly is famous because, it lets you add shortened links to bundles so that you can keep a track on a series of similar links. Another unique feature: Bitly also, able to notify you when your shortened link reaches the a predetermined number of views.

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Awesome Screenshot:

An awesome way to capture, annotate and sharing your screen on your social media profiles. Screenshots are useful and helpful visual for share on social media.

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Social Fixer for Facebook:

Social Fixer extension for Facebook allows you to experience a fully customized Facebook. Below are the sample things you can edit with this wonderful extension:

    • Tabbed News Feed
    • Feed Filters (e.g., you can remove posts that annoys you like political or religious posts)
    • Let you hide posts you have read.
    • Thumbnail previews


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Powerful and probably the most useful Google Chrome extension that searches and curate content. Not only this DrumUp also carry out research related tasks. This plug-in is smart enough to understand what kind of content you view and search. It will suggest you ten appropriate articles at one time. Moreover, DrumUp allows you to schedule your post as per your need.


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Final Thoughts:

With these seven Google Chrome extensions, you can manage, save your time and drive your social media campaign towards the right direction.
If you feel you know any other extension that you like and helps you a lot. Feel free to share them in comments.
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