Should You Still Be Doing SEO in 2020?

Importance of SEO in 2020

The first position in Google captures around 32% of search traffic, the second position captures around 16% while the 10th position still gathers 2%. That means, in an average monthly search of 550,000, the highest position has the potential to gather traffic of 176,000 which is a lot! But we can counter these numbers with the argument that position one in Google isn’t what it used to be especially since paid ads came into the picture, often also followed up by a “Google Answer Box” and/or a knowledge panel. Google has ensured that the user gets all the information right on the search page without having to go to individual websites. The information of course is from the website itself. This shows that SEO is leaning more to the content side with Google making lives easier for users and consequently harder for marketers. So the idea is to keep your content as relevant as possible and try to identify the pain areas of customers. Knowing what users are searching for and having the correct answer will get you to the top. Since the algorithms keep on changing and google tries to adopt a more refined approach, the only way is to seek the expertise of an SEO company in India. This effort is what refrains many of the marketers to continue with SEO but it also makes way for more genuine content to come up. Here are a few key things that would help you spend your energies in the right direction of SEO.

Narrow down your area of expertise and focus on it

For once, try to think of Google as a Gigantic library which keeps adding several books to its shelves and several pages to its numerous books every day. When someone comes looking for a book, the Google librarian would suggest to them books in the order of their relevance. For instance, someone looking for “turmeric for treating wounds” would be shown books that deal with turmeric treatment on wounds in particular and then turmeric and wounds and alternate treatments in general. Same way, Google is getting populated by information each second, and it only makes sense that you as a marketer, carve a niche for yourselves and deal with one topic at a time instead of skimming several topics on the surface at once so that you get maximum views. Think about it this way, if you are looking for financial advice, would you refer ‘Paisabazaar’ or ‘Howstuffworks’?

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Personalized Your Content

If you have noticed enough, Google does not show the same search results to everyone but rather bases it on the user’s individual search preferences, surfing behavior, device, location, and also demographics. Hence, it is a good idea to give users to option to decide what they want to see so that your website does not have the same message for everyone. IKF is an SEO company in Mumbai & Pune that can guide you exactly how you can design a website where you can show different pages to different users by simply asking them to select from the dropdown list!

Brands have an upper hand

Google clearly upholds brands and places their content higher on priority as a good brand directly relates to more popularity and better user interaction. So stress on building your brand first and google will automatically put you ahead. How to build your brand? Well, you can always use social media sites, and traditional marketing to promote your brand.

So is SEO worth your time in 2020?

With more than 40,000 search queries every second and an estimated 62.19 billion visitors annually, Google rules the internet. Without Google or likewise any other (popular) search engine, we would never find the content we need. So without a doubt and a delay, you should invest in SEO!

SEO is a long term process and requires consistent efforts to show measurable results. As such, when you are investing in SEO, partner with a digital marketing company that will work with you over a considerable period. IKF is a leading Digital Marketing Company in Pune that will provide a firm handhold through the entire process of SEO. Contact IKF, today on or call us on +91 88888 66110. !