Maximize Brand Visibility During Lockdowns With Social Media Marketing

IKF is the best choice for digital marketing services in Mumbai during Covid lockdown

As the COVID-19 outbreak brings global economies to a standstill, many companies face the risk of completely getting wiped out from the market due to lack of business opportunities or getting overpowered by competitors via predatory pricing. Right now, every business is focussing on raising awareness and generating quality leads, rather than just making a quick pay day. Of course, revenue is extremely important, but to ensure revenue in the future, your brand needs to maintain a strong visibility throughout this CoronaStorm, so that you can protect your company from getting wiped out and keep getting consistent business in future. Let’s see how social media marketing services in India can help your brand.

Maximize visibility with Social Media

Social media is the place where brands get made overnight! It takes just one viral campaign and the right audience reach to get people talking about your brand. Social media is a platform where everything is highly intriguing and captivating like new trends, meme culture, political banters and fun activities (E.g. Challenges). As a leading provider of digital marketing services in Mumbai, we believe when you advertise on social media, you get an opportunity to use the influence of these popular trends and make your brand go viral. You get a chance to make cool, stylish and user-friendly content, rather than just typical ads.

IKF is the best choice as Facebook marketing company in Pune during lockdown

Keeping in mind the sheer vastness of social media, creating a presence on social media sites feels like being a needle in a haystack. You’re surely surrounded by a large stack of people… but all these people are your potential customers! These people are continuously looking for interesting and inspiring content to engage with. If people love something, they’ll make sure that everyone else sees it. That’s the power of social media. Your ads/posts can instantly turn into blockbusters and spread across the digital world in no time if they’re genuinely impactful and engaging.

5 effective ways you can engage with people on social media;

1. Experimental Content:

Social media is a great avenue for exploring your creative skills in terms of copy and visualization. You can create a variety of trivia content, informative posts or engagement content where you can prompt audiences to react or respond to in a certain fashion.

2. Create Trends:

Social content is typically inspired by the society around us. When you have an idea that perfectly captures the sentiments around a specific idea in the society, you can create ads that give off a subtle valuable message to people, in addition to marketing your brand. You can start a #HashTag to promote that trend and make your social media pages more popular

3. 2-way Communication:

Social media opens up a 2-way channel for consumer and marketers to communicate with each other, where both parties can react and respond to any particular content, as per their sentiments in real-time..

4. Interactive Ads:

Recently, social media sites like Instagram have introduced a feature called Interactive Ads. Using this, you get to create sponsored ads and turn them into an interactive experience, where consumers can tap on various places in the ads and disclose hidden information. As a reputed Facebook marketing company in Pune, we highly recommend this.

5. Engage with Communities:

Communities are an integral part of social media. Every community has a certain belief, a cause or an idea behind it. Communities can help brands gain major recognition, as they can help your content get viral overnight amongst a large number of people. Following various communities can also help you identify new potential consumers for your brand.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing company in Mumbai to build powerful social media campaigns for your brand in affordable budgets, then you can check out I Knowledge Factory (IKF). IKF is a leader is social branding solutions offering top-notch organic and paid social marketing services for all types of businesses.

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