SSL certificate is a vaccination for your website

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In today’s internet era, websites are witnessing a Critical Time as the Cybercrime rates are dangerously high! Your Customer’s Data is at risk here. People are visiting your website and submitting website forms, ordering online or just logging on your website.

Cybercrime is prevailing at a rapid pace. But to your surprise, cyberattacks can only impact those identities which are Not Guarded and Are Unsecured on your hosting servers.

I recommend the following checklist to ensure whether your website is secure or not

  • Try opening your website on a Chrome browser. if it indicates that the page is NOT SECURE, then it means you need to implement an SSL certificate on the website.
  • Check the latest version of your website code. If the latest version of the Website Code Is Not Updated, then there are chances of website performance going down and increased vulnerability to website hacking.

5 Benefit’s of SSL  Certificate on Website :

  • SSL Provides Trust
  • SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information
  • SSL Provides Authentication
  • SSL provides Better Search Engine Ranking
  • SSL is no longer optional. As of July 2018, SSL Certificate is mandatory.

In case you need a third-party audit of your website, don’t hesitate to reach us. We will be more than happy to assist you, as a value-added service without any charges.